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It may not be beach season quite yet, but you can always draw upon natural ocean resources to make your beauty routine more green and effective. These natural beauty ingredients are affordable and safe to add to your regimen, and they really work to help give your skin a luxurious glow. Read on to learn about the four powerful […]

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Are you concerned about the presence of GMOs in your beauty products? Regardless of your answer, taking a few moments to educate yourself is important. Read on to learn more about GMOs and why you might not want them lurking in your everyday beauty staples including skincare products, makeup and other personal care products. If […]

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Homemade Christmas presents are one of my favorite gifts to give. It makes me even happier to know that the gifts I am giving are healthy and natural! These DIY homemade beauty gifts are all made using coconut oil, which is a great product to use both inside and outside of your body. {Spoiler Alert: Our January […]

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If you're growing concerned about your toxic load - face creams, cleaning products, medicines and more - there's no better way to get back to basics than by experimenting with essential oils.

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