• 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Supplements

    4 Things to Consider When Choosing Supplements
    Most people who have an interest in taking supplements also have an interest in their overall health profiles. Older people might want to start taking supplements in an effort to preserve their cartilage and bones, while an overweight person may take supplements while working on losing weight. In short, you should spend a fair amount of time researching supplement options and learning which varieties offer you the best individual benefits. Read these four things to consider when choosing supplements to find out which ones will work best for you. 1. Health Supplements Have Different Ingredients Choosing...
  • Petroleum in Personal Care Products

    Petroleum in Personal Care Products
    Petrolatum, derived from petroleum, is an ingredient that is ideal to stay away from whenever possible. Petroleum is found in several personal care products, including cosmetics, lotions, and even hand soaps. It also contains two well-known carcinogens: Benzo-B-Fluoranthene and Benzo-A-Pyrene. This ingredient can also prevent the skin from excreting and breathing. Which Ingredients to Watch For […]
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