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As an esthetician and makeup artist, I get endless questions from clients and friends about how to achieve beautiful skin. My answer always involves the topic of exfoliation — or the removal of dead, dull skin — to reveal that ethereal, perfected glow we all want.

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I am a self-proclaimed make-up junkie, and I love a good product as much as the next girl. Growing up and throughout my college years, Sephora was my happy place. Though I have quite an extensive make-up collection, I also admit that I’m ironically a bit of a minimalist when it comes to the products I […]

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It may not be beach season quite yet, but you can always draw upon natural ocean resources to make your beauty routine more green and effective. These natural beauty ingredients are affordable and safe to add to your regimen, and they really work to help give your skin a luxurious glow. Read on to learn about the four powerful […]

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Petrolatum, derived from petroleum, is an ingredient that is ideal to stay away from whenever possible. Petroleum is found in several personal care products, including cosmetics, lotions, and even hand soaps. It also contains two well-known carcinogens: Benzo-B-Fluoranthene and Benzo-A-Pyrene. This ingredient can also prevent the skin from excreting and breathing. Which Ingredients to Watch For […]

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Once you have a baby, many women find themselves facing a growing list of various insecurities. Many scrutinize their post-baby bodies and feel self-conscious about still wearing maternity clothes. There’s also the guilt of wanting to take a break from your baby, as well as the guilt following the frustration you feel when you can’t […]

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