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Becoming pregnant with your first child is an exciting and major life change. Although some of this will come naturally, it’s important to adjust your current lifestyle to fit one more geared toward being a responsible parent. One of the most imperative things to revisit not only during your pregnancy, but throughout parenthood, is your financial plan. Luckily adjusting your finances to incorporate the needs of your new little bundle of joy isn’t as difficult as it may seem with proper planning. Follow these tips to make sure that you are financially prepared to bring your first child into the...

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Do you want to document your baby’s growth but find baby books boring? That’s okay. Many parents are opting to create a photo collage of their baby’s first year to help them remember every stage. Don’t worry – incredible photography skills like Anne Geddes are not required. All you need is an idea, a prop […]

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If you’ve had a baby, you are likely aware of the ‘no sex for six weeks’ rule. Once you get the ‘ok’ from your clinician at your postpartum check-up, sex often becomes a large part of the conversation between you and your partner. You might be surprised to discover, though, that sex after baby is often different – […]

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Once you have a baby, many women find themselves facing a growing list of various insecurities. Many scrutinize their post-baby bodies and feel self-conscious about still wearing maternity clothes. There’s also the guilt of wanting to take a break from your baby, as well as the guilt following the frustration you feel when you can’t […]

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Being a new mom has enough challenges. From adjusting to life with a baby, to career standstills, to the strain it can place on your spousal relationships – it’s easy to feel defeated and alone. Having someone that you can relate to with the ups and downs of parenthood, at the exact moment that you […]

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