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Spring Ahead Pregnancy Box


Spring Ahead - Delivered

March is always a month of change, but this change is felt more acutely during Pregnancy when everything is already in flux - with spring around the corner, our March Pregnancy box items were chosen to help our moms to be prepare for this transition.  Heath and wellness take a front seat with a month supply of probiotics for mom to be, with a special formula shown to be beneficial to the baby inside. We through in a daily dose of chocolate, a healthy way to satisfy a pregnancy sweet tooth, and a tiny pair of organic socks to add to your layette. Our pregnant moms will also enjoy a soak in the dead sea salts provided by Co-Pur and an after-bath all over mist with the incredible ZeroFragrance BodyMist by Previse Skincare. Don't miss the 50% off discount provided below! 

Pro Moms by Hyperbiotics

Pro Moms by Hyperbiotics,  One-Month Supply Included, $23.00

Babies are meant to be inoculated with the good bacteria they need for a healthy life both as they travel through the birth canal and consume breast milk. The problem: modern lifestyle factors may have damaged the good flora you were meant to pass on. PRO-Moms was formulated with the best strains to give moms a healthful balance of bacteria and to encourage a healthy start for their little ones.

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Lavender Lime Bath Salts by Co-Pur

Lavender Lime Bath Salts by Co-Pur, 3 oz, $5  

Co-Pur believes in living with fewer chemicals, which is why this natural skincare company was created with a focus on using only high-quality simple ingredients. Each product contains 9 ingredients or less! Co-Pur products are some of the purest and cleanest on the market. They’re preservative, fragrance, and dye free.  These bath salts are perfect for a relaxing soak after a long day of baby-growing. Made with certified Dead Sea salt, they are ideal for individuals with skin issues and those looking to melt away the day's stresses.

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All Natural Daily Dose of Dark Chocolate: Cacao Nibs by Nibmor, .35 oz included

Nibmor creates chocolate using the most delicious Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, Vegan and Gluten-Free ingredients... It's Good To Give In! 

All Natural Superfruit dark chocolate bite that will have you satisfied without eating a whole bar! A daily dose is all you need....sometimes.  Nibs are gluten-free, non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance Certified and Vegan. 

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BodyMist Vitamin E Body Oil by Previse Skincare

BodyMist Vitamin E Body Oil by Previse Skincare, 4.0 fl oz, $22.00

Previse is bio-healthy skincare. Previse borrows what nature creates and return what they borrow in good faith. They encourage healthy ecosystems and thereby healthy ingredients. The team does not commute to a central office. Regional disbursement allows for multiple benefits like lower carbon footprints with decreased travel. Moreover our employees maintain close community ties to evangelize Previse and influence green behavior. BodyMist is eco-certified, shimmering moisturizer adds a non-greasy protective layer of antioxidant rich botanical extracts for instant hydration without residue. The light-weight BODYMIST includes eco-certified sunflower and coconut seed oil extracts. Rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E, the antioxidant extracts help prevent collagen damage, fight scaliness, and discomfort associated with dry, irritated skin. This product is perfect for stretching pregnant bellies and all over pregnancy-safe skincare.

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Organic Cotton Baby Socks from Anatolia Organic

Organic Cotton Baby Socks from Anatolia Organic, 1 pair included, $5.00

This high-quality Etsy shops makes organic clothing for babies and kids in a range of cute designs. Whether you're shopping for sleep sacks, jammies, onesies or baby towels, check out their collection of well-made organic staples. This perfect pair of tiny socks is a fun reminder of your baby on the way and a great staple for your layette. 

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