5 Natural Herbs Every Woman Should Use


In the age of natural, herbal, and alternative medicines, the health sector is facing a significant turnaround. With more people turning towards natural treatments, prescribed and synthetic medicines have hit rock-bottom. Furthermore, health insurance is getting expensive with each passing day, disallowing women from reaping the benefits. Coupling these situations with the increasing use of pharmaceutical drugs would end up inducing several forms of side-effects. However, the 21st century is all about new and relevant studies conducted by scientists, analysts, and research scholars, which, in turn, have benefited women.

Herbal and natural supplements are ideal for sound health. The use of such herbs is a viable approach if you want to maintain good well-being. Since women are very much exposed to side-effects and other illnesses, it is essential to know specific herbs that can benefit and support female health. Often, a woman’s body goes through a lack of physical stamina, increasing stress, fertility, PMS, menopause, and several other issues. Such problems can not only affect their physical health but can also hinder their mental health. With the availability of natural supplements that the Earth provides us with, we can easily avoid consuming pharmaceuticals.

Since every woman’s body reacts differently to various herbs, you must know that the process can be ever-changing, vastly complicated, yet simple in many terms. But, before anything, you should be familiar with some herbs that you can incorporate into your diet and lifestyle. Give it a shot and read through some of the natural herbs that every woman should consume to tackle stress, anxiety, pain, and many more.

1.   Cannabis

Cannabis is yet another option that has had a fair share of controversy in the past. But, with recent studies and their positive results have provided people with hope and good fortune. Cannabis has been famous since the ancient onset, where natives from several countries used to consume the substance to alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression. Even though people consume it for recreational purposes nowadays, you, as a woman, can ingest it to tackle pain, stress symptoms, and many other illnesses.

Cannabis also has several derivative compounds like CBD known for potency and therapeutic properties. As a woman, if you are not comfortable with ingesting cannabis-infused products, topicals can be your ideal companion. All you have to do is apply it on the affected area. However, if you want to experience more of the natural supplement, try cannabis edibles in Canada.

2.   Red Raspberry Leaf

The red raspberry leaf comprises several uterine toning advantages of a Lady’s Mantle. However, the nutritional value of the leaf during the pregnancy period can be beneficial. The Herbal Academy says that a single ounce of the leaf can offer around 400mg of potassium and calcium. Since pregnancy tends to create significant demand for such minerals in a woman’s body, the infusion of red raspberry leaves can benefit the expectant mother and her baby. The leaf can also help and prepare her uterus for giving birth.

With each day, more studies are taking place to observe the beneficial impact of the red raspberry leaf on pregnancy. So, have a word with your doctor before incorporating the herb into your daily regime.

3.   Motherwort

Wort comes from an ancient English word for plant. That is why the herb ‘motherwort’ translates to a mother’s plant, which can significantly help women. History says that motherwort can alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and balance hormones amongst women. The plant also strengthens the uterus and allows it to function effectively. Also, a woman can consume the herb to get relief from pain and tension, making it ideal for the post-childbirth period. Since it can also strengthen the heart by reducing blood pressure, enhancing circulation, and promoting capillary growth, motherwort stands as a potent tonic for women.

4.   Maca

Maca originates from South America instead of Indian regions and is a potent adaptogen. Ancient Incans prized the herbal supplement for fertility, strength, and energy amongst women. Maca has the potential to alleviate fatigue levels by boosting energy, restoring adrenal health, and balancing hormones. One of the studies conducted on maca’s properties shows that it can significantly help chronic fatigue syndrome - a condition well-known known to women.

5.   Chamomile

Another herbal supplement, chamomile, has been famous for alternative and allopathic medicines for its proven anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Chamomile is an impactful medicine for sleep apnea, stress, insomnia, and several similar conditions that women face before or after menopause and childbirth. The anti-spasmodic properties of the herb help relieve menstrual cramps. It can also alleviate symptoms that lead to stress, which, in turn, can provide healthy well-being.

Final Thoughts

Women often face several health-related issues since their bodies go through considerable hormonal changes throughout life. Administering these issues with synthetic medication and treatment can not only put their health on risk but can also lead to various side-effects. As a result, resorting to herbs and natural supplements can benefit significantly.

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