5 Reasons to Gift a Reusable Produce Bag

As the exciting holiday season approaches, so does the anxiety of finding the right gifts. When it comes to new or pregnant mothers, it's important to give something safe, efficient and long-lasting, like reusable produce bags.

For new mothers, time is of the essence. Pregnant moms may deal with fatigue and physical stress. So, a new mom and pregnancy gift like a reusable bag will ensure she won't waste time searching for and trying to peel open those super thin produce bags.

Furthermore, there's less time spent cleaning up leaks or tears. With a durable and strong reusable bag, simply toss the produce in and unload the produce when you get home.

To add, although it may not seem like it at first, ditching the plastic (and paper) produce bags can save her money over time. Some businesses have begun charging customers for bags. While a dime seems minuscule, it could easily add up to around 100 dollars per year since the average family consumes over 1,000 bags per year.

On the other hand, reusable bags are inexpensive or even free. Plus, they can be reused for years, so there's no comparison as far as how much money you'll save.

The final and perhaps most rewarding reason is the feeling that you took a step to help our planet heal. Plastic bags have really done a number on Mother Earth, whether it be wildlife, soil, waterways and general well-being of humanity.

In addition, paper bags generate even more water and air pollutants than plastic bags. They are also much bigger, leading to slower break-down, and they take even more energy than plastic bags to manufacture.

100% Organic Cotton Composition

Over 100 billion plastic bags are used yearly. Because of this popularity, we assume it's not an issue, and we don't consider alternatives. Fortunately, becoming a mom comes with increased concern for plastic use. Giving her a 100% organic cotton reusable bag could help ease her worries.

Organic cotton is much safer around babies than plastic for a number of reasons.

  • Free of chemicals and pesticides: While there is a major concern about the damage plastic causes to our environment, there seems to be less concern about indoor pollution. Some of us are aware of the toxins from plastic landfills that slowly contaminate our water and soil. These same toxins surround our children when we use plastic bags.

    Many health conscious consumers have tossed out the old plastic bottles and replaced them with BPA-free plastic or some other materials, such as glass. Plastic bags contain the same harmful chemicals and shouldn't be overlooked.

    Some of the common chemicals in plastic bags include, BPA, PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) and phthalates. According to Madesafe.org, phthalates and BPA can lead to hormonal disruption, reproductive harm in babies and infertility later in life. PVC is linked to various kinds of cancer.

    According to Huffpost.com, 99 percent of cotton is not grown organically. However, organic cotton is free of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. That means less toxins come into contact with infants.

  • Less plastic in your home: Children have fragility and sensitivity to so many environmental factors during the first few years of life. Just one reusable bag can replace thousands of plastic bags over the years, greatly reducing a child's exposure to the above mentioned toxins.

Machine Washable

New moms are no strangers to cleaning up messes. From dirty diapers and bibs to baby baths and dishes, it seems a mother has to clean all day every day.

While most would probably just toss a dirty plastic or paper bag in the trash, it's not uncommon to reuse them. However, sometimes foods like garlic leave behind a lingering stench. Plus, foods can leak into the bag and get squashed during transition.

That's why non-reusable bags just add more work. Plastic bags can be difficult to clean, and must be washed by hand. Paper bags are impossible to clean. Organic cotton is one of the easiest to clean materials. Just throw it in the washing machine, toss in the dryer or hang to dry. It's that simple.

This time and energy saving gift can go a long way. Any chance at relief and saving time is much appreciated.

Food Lasts Longer

Based on a study posted on Waste360.com, Americans waste close to 2,800 dollars of refrigerated food every single year. That also adds up to over 100 pounds of food per week. Let that sink in.

Additionally, it's the type of food we're wasting that is alarming.

  • It appears that we're wasting the healthier foods at a much higher rate than less healthy foods.

  • Fruits and vegetables such as bananas, leafy greens and berries are high on the waste list.

  • A poll found that 78 percent of Americans would gladly adopt a healthier diet if their produce would just last longer.

There are various reasons for produce waste. One culprit could be the plastic bags we leave them in. We tend to think that produce in plastic bags protects the food from breaking down.

However, leaving produce, such as cucumbers, peppers and various fruits in plastic bags just suffocates them. Plastic bags also create condensation, making produce damp and easier to rot.

Switching out the plastic bags for organic cotton reusable produce bags allows food to breathe. As a result, the food will last longer, stay crispier, look brighter and healthier and taste better.

It's also worth noting that toxins in plastic bags can leach into foods. These toxins can also affect the food's longevity as well as safety.


Another practical reason to give a reusable produce bag as a mommy gift or pregnancy gift is the versatility. They can be used to store off-season clothing and baby products and can even be used as a decorative display.

  • Clothing Storage: Storage boxes are typical, but they can take up space. With a new baby around or on the way, every inch of space is valuable. New moms can use these bags to store pregnancy clothes after the baby is born. They will also work for off-season clothing.

  • Baby Products: Organic cotton bags are great for storing baby products, such as bottles, toys and clothing. The pure and clean material is toxin-free and breathable. Plus, items are easy to access ( no unboxing and peeling away tape).

  • Decorative Display: Reusable bags can be uniquely designed to express her personality and interests. With the holidays just around the bend, you can take the opportunity to design the bag yourself or have it designed to fit her style.

    It can then be hung on a door, wall or cabinet to add a creative touch to the aesthetics of the home.

Decrease Pollution

Imagine a giant sea monster that's twice the size of the United States, occasionally spewing throw up onto the beaches. What scientists and researchers are calling a "plastic soup" is none other than a giant pile of plastic waste spanning from the coast of California almost to Japan.

The fact is that plastic has become so durable that it lasts incredibly long. Additionally, without enough air, light and soil to breakdown in landfills (although plenty ends up elsewhere) plastic and paper just sits there, leaching toxins into the soil and waterways.

Plastic and paper pollution has led to a worldwide pollution crisis in many ways:

  • According to WWF, over 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution yearly. Land animals choke or starve to death after eating plastic found in their environment.

  • MamasHealth.com states that plastic can take 1,000 years to break down.

  • According to Huffpost, you could drive a car one mile with the energy it tastes to make 14 plastic bags.

Organic reusable bags pose no harm to the environment if they are reused. If you happen to throw them away, they are much more biodegradable than plastic and paper. Plus, they don't contain toxins that can contaminate the soil during decomposition.

In retrospect, reusable produce bags are perfect for pregnant moms and moms with infants. Reusable bags are also perfect for anyone who wants to give a little more love to Mother Earth.

They reduce toxins that are harmful to humanity and Mother Earth. Furthermore, they save time and money and can be repurposed into storage bags, decorative displays and even gifts. Looking ahead, reusable organic cotton bags make great New Year's Resolution ideas.

Our favorite bag is the Bee Kind produce bag, which was featured in the October 2020 Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box. It's a reusable mesh bag made from 100 percent organic cotton! 

The mesh makes it easy for produce to breathe, and it has a clean, natural appearance. It also has drawstring handles for easy carrying, eliminating the inconvenience of broken handles and messes.

The drawstrings come in varying colors, including honey bee, key lime, cornflower, peony and sand. In addition, the Bee Kind bag is sustainably made and machine washable.

Be sure to comment below with your reusable bag gift ideas and any favorite bags you'd like everyone to know about.

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