Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night?


You toss and turn all night and wake up with jaw pain in the morning. What's worse is that you consistently have morning migraines that just don't seem to go away. Your teeth are extra sensitive to foods, and with all of these issues, your stress increases. What is the root cause of this problem, and what's the solution? If you've encountered a few of these symptoms, you may likely be grinding your teeth at night. Here are three side-effects to grinding teeth and one solution to help you stay asleep during the night. 

Sensitive Teeth 

The average person can bite down with a force of 120 pounds according to a recent study conducted by Plexidors. When that much force is applied throughout the night combined with the shifting of your jaw going back and forth, that can cause major nerve damage to your teeth. If eating food or drinking liquids you find yourself clenching at your jaw or teeth due to increased sensitivity that may be a sign that you're grinding your teeth at night. Teeth grinding can cause long-term permanent damage to your teeth so the longer you go without the proper protection, the more you risk. If you consistently have sensitive teeth it may be time to look into getting a night guard

Morning Headaches 

Headaches are no fun regardless of when or how they're caused but morning headaches make sure you start the day off poorly. Waking up with a migraine consistently could be a sign of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. When you clench your jaw it causes the joints that connect your jaw to your skull to assert force. Too much force on a nightly basis results in stress to the joints which equal a headache when you wake up. Waking up with a sore jaw or a headache could be the result of clenching at night. Clenching and teeth grinding, in general, could be a side-effect of anxiety or stress. It's a vicious cycle to break, but one that you can help provide defense against with a teeth grinding guard

Poor Sleep For You (And Your Partner!)

While at night most things stay silent, a teeth grinder's mouth does not. Grinding your teeth at night may cause an audible clicking noise that can be heard by both you and your partner. It's a sound that can drive anyone crazy and it's one that is a huge red flag when it comes to teeth grinding. If you or your partner hear these clicking or popping sounds coming from your mouth, you should look into getting a custom-fit night guard to prevent your teeth from grinding together. 

What's the Solution To Teeth Grinding?

There's a solution created to help prevent teeth grinding. Custom night guards are comfortable and designed to fit only you. With the night guard being custom, that means there won't be a bulky feeling to it or feel oversized in your mouth. There are companies like Sporting Smiles that will even craft your night guard with a back cut option for optimized comfort and protection. If you wake up with a sore jaw or sensitive teeth, it's time to start looking for a solution before the issue becomes permanent or expensive. 

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