Christmas Eve Box: What Is It and Great Ideas to Put in It


Everyone, particularly children, loves Christmas. It’s a special and joyful day especially if it is celebrated with your family and friends. To make Christmas more memorable for you and your family, why not surprise everybody with a unique gift, such as a Christmas Eve box?

A Christmas Eve box is a special Christmas tradition and a gift that is given on the 24th of December or earlier. You have to fill the Christmas Eve box with goodies that will excite and surprise your receiver. The items you put in the box don’t have to be fancy, but things that they could eat or use on Christmas. The Christmas Eve box is for everybody, including adults, teens, children, and even pets. However, children enjoy the Christmas Eve box the most as it is like a special treat for them.

What to put in a Christmas Eve box? 

Make your Christmas Eve box a magical thing for everyone by putting in the right gifts. For adults and teens, you could include their favorite chocolates and personalized items, such as mugs, socks, Christmas DVD movie, popcorn, and board games. Your pets will be excited to see in the box a cake bone, chewing bone, or a new collar. 

But because Christmas is an extra special time for children, you have to carefully think of the items you put in the box. To save you from worry, we have listed below some great gift ideas for children that you can put in your Christmas Eve boxes:

Christmas pajamas

Children will be surprised to see a pair of Christmas pajamas inside the Christmas Eve boxes. They could immediately use their PJs on Christmas Eve while opening their gifts or on Christmas morning. Do not forget to take photos of your children wearing the PJs. They can look back on the photos when they grow up and remember the good times.

Food treats

Fill the box with the favorite food of your children or Christmas food treats, such as marshmallows, chocolates, Christmas pops, candy canes, and cookies in a jar, among others. Nothing can make children happier than unlimited sweet treats!

Christmas coloring books or Christmas story books

Most children are so excited on Christmas Eve that they won’t sleep. For this reason, you could include in the box some activity materials, such as Christmas coloring books that they could color and Christmas books to read on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Christmas socks

Children like Christmas socks. They would hang their stockings and wait for Santa to fill it up with goodies. It’s so much fun for the children.

Christmas DVD

Look for a Christmas film that children could watch on Christmas Eve and watch with them. You can movie watching a tradition in your family. It is also a good bonding time while waiting for the clock to strike twelve.

Cute mugs with hot cocoa mix

Do not forget to include in the box a cute mug and a hot chocolate with marshmallow mix. Hot chocolate is good to drink while watching a Christmas film. It is a sure treat for children, especially in the cold weather.

Christmas accessories and ornaments

Christmas accessories and ornaments can also be included in the box. You can ask your children to hang them on the Christmas tree.

To complete your Christmas Eve box, write a short message and place it in front of the box for a thoughtful touch. Everybody will surely have fun opening their gift boxes!

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