Efficient House Cleaning Tips for New Moms


Keeping a clean home for new moms can be challenging when much more needs to be accomplished. A clean home can quickly end up on the back burner between raising children, and everything else that throws life.

While letting the house go is easy, this is not a good option. A clean home is a warm and comfortable place to live in.  From investing in a top-notch baby monitor to employing a "catch-all" basket, these few tips and tricks surely bring efficient and effective knock out of the housework while still getting a lot of time to cuddle this new bunch of joy!

So, let’s get started!

1). Create a schedule

Prepare a schedule and assign as: “On Monday - cleaning the kitchen, On Tuesdays- bathrooms”, or so on.

Write down every day’s aim to clean up on a calendar or a planner. Plan a few catch-up days; you could be needed with a new baby in the house.

A schedule allows you to keep up with the housework. Click here for a cleaning checklist to help you schedule each task.

2). Multi-task

While we're talking about multi-tasking, that's our next tip!

Fold and set aside laundry when you're playing and talking to your baby. Wash dishes, fill the dishwasher, or wiping counters when you're making the requisite phone calls. Clean sinks while you're washing your hands. Work on tasks when your baby's naps.

There are endless ways to incorporate activities.

3). Declutter before the baby arrives.

One of the easiest ways to keep on top of the housework until the baby arrives is to get rid of unwanted objects and stuff before only.Minimal stuff is equal to less clutter. Put your nesting instincts to good use.

Go to one room at a time around the house and get rid of things you don't need. This is a perfect opportunity to have a yard sale. The money you earn can help you with extra expenses for the baby.

4). Have a caddy handy in each room

Bring a small container of clothes, towels, disinfectant wipes, and cleaners you would need for every room together.

Having your efficient cleaning tools handy is a significant timesaver. You don't even have to leave space to seek cleaning supplies to continue dusting with a completely loaded cleaning caddy nearby.

5). Spot for everything

Mail, magazines, receipts, and child work are some of the key clutches always ensure to have a designated place to store these artworks.

New babies arrive with many different things to make sure you have a place for diapers, wipes and toys, and bottles too!

6). Focus on the main areas

A newborn child in the house can mean a time when you'll only concentrate on the home's most essential parts—emphasis on keeping a clean kitchen, laundry room, and living room.

Keep toys in bedrooms and playrooms, so they don't crawl into the main areas.                                                                                                   

7). Take advantage of a vacuum

Rather than sweeping your home floors, simply take advantage of an automatic vacuum. Many come with floor options these days and it will definitely save you a lot of time.

Last Few Words

It is the most tedious task for new moms to make precious time for a baby with all the housework. These tips will surely reduce your stress and get more time to nurture with your baby!!

One more thing we would like to share - before the baby's born, you can store your freezer full of meals or spend a day planning quick meals for the rest of the week. Being productive with meal times will open you to other activities and enjoy even more time with your baby!


At the end of the day, all that matters is a healthy, happy mom & baby. As moms ourselves, the team at Ecocentric Mom loves to help pamper and support our fellow moms. We put our hearts into finding great brands and products that are not only fun for pregnancy and baby, but also for mom to take a minute for herself. Learn more about Monthly Discovery Boxes from Ecocentric Mom! 

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