How to Celebrate A Green Valentine's Day

How to Celebrate A Green Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day sensualizes your space in life to grow. A time to water what has taken root with creativity and warmth, to surround yourself and loved ones with ample affection. What are your favorite earth friendly ways to share this day of love and appreciation?

Here are a few ways to make this very special day more green, and filled with more eco love.

  • Real Intimate: A romantic, toxin-free candlelit dinner at home.
  • Creative Eco: Create your own cards from recycled materials.
  • Sow Local Seeds: Opt to buy plants locally rather than flowers, or plant a tree.
  • Divine Organic: Fair trade chocolates celebrate community and culture, local is greener too!
  • Active Space: Get outdoors for a hike and breathe in the fresh February air for a healthy heart.
  • Eat Green: enjoy an organic feast with friends and family, include many colors and less worry, more love as you cook. Or dine out at a locally-sourced restaurant.
  • Go Paperless: Send an e-card from the Sierra Club or a site with animals and nature included!
  • Give the Gift of Feeling Better: buy a loved one a massage or holistic therapy, or treat yourself to one!

We have collected a few resources to make your Valentine’s Day  greener –

What do you have planned this Valentine’s Day? Please share your ideas and inspiration for a green Valentine’s Day!

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