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It’s no secret that we always want to do what’s best for our babies. After all, it’s second nature to keep our children healthy and happy. As a parent, you’re probably aware of the large selection of new products claiming to be just what your baby needs — but how much do you really know […]

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At Ecocentric Mom, we love to highlight powerful Mompreneurs and Mom Bosses who are juggling it all – babies, life, and business! This month, we are featuring Liz Paik, the mastermind behind Cheengoo. If you received one of their adorable Hen Rattles in your January Mom & Baby Box, you are familiar with the beautiful, hand-crafted products […]

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Your new baby comes bundled with a whole lot of surprises. But we’re not talking about the wonderful surprise of awesome new baby love, or that new baby smell (wayyyyy better than “new car smell” any day). We mean the surprises that no one talks about. The new baby behaviors that get parents scratching their heads […]

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve found — or are finding — the whole baby registry process  to be completely overwhelming. You don’t know the first thing about baby gear, having never produced a human before. If you’re honest, you aren’t really confident you know the difference between a onesie and a romper…if they are, […]

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As moms, we share in our baby's pain. Whether it's teething, sickness or a run-of-the-mill diaper rash, our kid's discomfort is both heart-wrenching and routine-disrupting.

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