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A waste-free lunch means there is NO trash to throw away at the end of the meal — compost items such as banana peels or apple cores do not count as trash.  While common lunch products such as single-use bags or aluminum foil are certainly convenient, they also have a significant impact on our environment. […]

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You know exactly the feeling we’re talking about — that mid-morning craving for something sweet to go alongside your coffee or herbal tea, or the desire for an indulgent late-night snack before crawling into bed. Desserts can be wonderful, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Like any food, desserts and […]

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When my son Colin was a baby, many of my friends and family inquired about the way we fed him. They were accustomed to baby food as purees, often in jars from the grocery store. Instead, Colin was fed whole foods in thick, finger length slices and was given many of the very same foods that the […]

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Most moms agree: We all want our kids to eat healthy foods. We want our kids to shun double-stacked bacon cheeseburgers in favor of sushi, and reach past potato chips and doughnuts for carrot sticks. And with good reason! As reported in this Gallup poll, we’re getting our 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables less than 60% of […]

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There is almost nothing scarier than having a sick child. After the whirlwind at the pediatrician’s office and a trip to the pharmacy, you’re standing in the kitchen holding a bottle of pink goop that smells like bubblegum, thinking — What did the doctor say? How much should I give him? I hope I’m doing this right. […]

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