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The average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping. Assuming you live to 90, that means you spend 30 years asleep! While the benefits of sleep are well known, have you given any thought to how the materials in your bed can affect your health? Some moms often ask, “Do I need an organic mattress?” Organic […]

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The first time you see your baby after he or she is born is nothing short of magical. Did you know, though, that your new baby’s vision is only in black, white, and gray tones? At birth, your child’s eyesight is not fully developed. Read on to learn about your baby’s vision in their first six […]

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There is almost nothing scarier than having a sick child. After the whirlwind at the pediatrician’s office and a trip to the pharmacy, you’re standing in the kitchen holding a bottle of pink goop that smells like bubblegum, thinking — What did the doctor say? How much should I give him? I hope I’m doing this right. […]

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