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Becoming pregnant with your first child is an exciting and major life change. Although some of this will come naturally, it’s important to adjust your current lifestyle to fit one more geared toward being a responsible parent. One of the most imperative things to revisit not only during your pregnancy, but throughout parenthood, is your financial plan. Luckily adjusting your finances to incorporate the needs of your new little bundle of joy isn’t as difficult as it may seem with proper planning. Follow these tips to make sure that you are financially prepared to bring your first child into the...

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No matter how easy and dreamy those Instagram mums make it look and regardless of how much you plan, motherhood is a hard venture, especially when you are going through it for the first time. When everything is new and the unexpected happens every day, getting ready for baby well before giving birth, will […]

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Your new baby comes bundled with a whole lot of surprises. But we’re not talking about the wonderful surprise of awesome new baby love, or that new baby smell (wayyyyy better than “new car smell” any day). We mean the surprises that no one talks about. The new baby behaviors that get parents scratching their heads […]

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Your new bundle of joy arrives. You have been waiting for this moment for what seems like an eternity and are finally holding your new baby for the first time. Unfortunately, your much anticipated moment when you older child meets his or her new sibling doesn’t always go the way you had imagined. Feelings of […]

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We are crazy about coconut oil and its many uses, from the kitchen pantry to your vanity as part of your beauty regimen. In fact, we love it so much that we featured it in our Ecocentric Mom August 2016 Pregnancy Box. Coconut oil is especially beneficial in pregnancy, serving many purposes to help boost […]

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