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The average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping. Assuming you live to 90, that means you spend 30 years asleep! While the benefits of sleep are well known, have you given any thought to how the materials in your bed can affect your health? Some moms often ask, “Do I need an organic mattress?” Organic […]

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Remember the first OB visit when you initially found out you were pregnant? You likely faced an information overload from your clinician that was impossible to retain. The doctor often rattles off a long list of medications to avoid now that you’re expecting, which may have resembled a frazzled waitress listing off 15 different salad dressings.

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Nobody will argue that pregnancy is beautiful. After all, you’re growing another human inside of you! While some pregnant women have that amazing glow on the outside, they aren’t always feeling great on the inside. For starters, there is the morning sickness, heartburn, and stretch marks. Not to mention the need to pee every five minutes as your pregnancy […]

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It’s no secret that proper nutrition, especially key vitamins and minerals, is crucial to anyone’s health. Your new baby has even more needs for all the elements that develop bone, brain, and organ health. By the time your baby is 6 months old, though, the pediatrician has likely suggested that you give your baby three supplements […]

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Pregnancy-linked nausea is a fact of life for many, if not all, pregnant women.  While a lucky few evade this symptom, others are plagued by nausea well beyond their first trimester.  In some cases, nausea can be so severe that it leads to dehydration, fatigue, and other medical conditions, such as hyperemesis gravidarum, that require […]

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