The Pregnancy Journey - What to Expect When You're Expecting Review

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If you asked 100 women to name the #1 pregnancy book, I’m 99% confident that they would say “What to Expect”. I didn’t get this book until well into the 2nd trimester when I had my daughter, but it is FILLED (and I mean really filled!) with wonderful information. It’s not hard to read, is very through and has lots of interesting facts!  Sure, with technology today you can simply Google any question you may have, but with this book the information is right at your fingertips and may provide you with answers to questions you didn’t know you have.

Knowing that others have gone through the same thing you are currently going though is a huge comfort and can help you prepare for your monthly doctor appointments. There’s even an app that complements the book so you can get pictures, videos, a community forum, etc. that really adds to the value of What to Expect.

There’s even a section for dad-to-be, so you can read this book together! There are many unexpected components to preparing for your first pregnancy, and even your second pregnancy can come with a few surprises. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and after all, you’re in this journey together – so learn together! 

There’s a reason What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a popular pregnancy book, and with all the useful information it gives, mama-to-be will go from new-mom to pro-mom in a blink of an eye!


Available in paper back and on Kindle!


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