To Customize or Not to Customize?


Dear Ecocentric Mom Subscribers,

For those of you have subscribed to our "Pick 2" Ecocentric Mom Club program and have enjoyed your experience, we wanted to honor your disappointment in our decision to replace this program with a new and improved subscription plan that is does not include the Pick 2 feature. 

In August 2017, when we launched the new "Pick 2" program, our reasons were simple - to empower our subscribers to have more control over the products that they would receive each month with the simple goal of providing delight.

Here's what we learned:

1. Technology is frustrating, for us and for you

Many (many) of you complained that making your monthly selections each month was confusing and frustrating. Some of you were frustrated, some of you were angry - and we felt helpless to make it easier for you since we rely on a 3rd party technology to power this program. This negative technology experience caused a lot of consternation, cancellation and disappointment. SO not what we were going for! (see above re: providing delight)

2. Surprises are (more) fun

The opportunity to pick 2 products each month seemed to have the reverse effect as intended on many (but of course not all) of you. Something about the psychology of knowing what 2 of your 5 goodies were going to be led you to feel disappointed by the remaining items in the box - a sort of "that's it??" feeling that, with hindsight, does make sense but was not expected at the outset. Since oftentimes the Pick 2 items were the most valuable items in the box, this feeling was even more acute. We were going for "wow" and we got a "wah-wah".

3. New moms do not want to be dealing with this stuff!

In the past, as you know, we've had different 'plans' depending on your stage of motherhood. Pregnant mamas got the pregnancy box, new moms the mom and baby, and so on. This was a pain for you because when you weren't pregnant anymore you needed to cancel and sign up again for the next box. Hassle! Who has a new baby at home and wants to spend time dealing with their subscription box plan??

If our goal is to provide delight for you and your bump/little (and it is!) we've figured out a way to do so without offering you options from which to pick each month.

We can do better and here's how:

Starting now, we've done away with separate "boxes" in favor of having one box (the Ecocentric Mom Box!) that will follow you through your motherhood journey. Each box you receive will be tailored to your exact due date / baby's birthdate all the way up to age four, after which point your products will "mom only". 

What does this mean for you? Your box will be customized FOR YOU with no technology headaches and no spoiled surprises. If you want to see a spoiler  each month, we'll still make 1 available to you that will be a beauty/wellness item (nothing pregnancy or baby specific as this will vary based on your own stage of motherhood).

Don't worry, you'll still be able to skip a shipment that you don't want to receive from your online account (we're not getting rid of all of the benefits of our new site!!).

To stick with us on this journey, no action is needed on your part. Your next box will be the new and improved one tailored to your due/birthdate - if you're bummed about the Pick 2 thing, we understand and we wanted to say a heartfelt SORRY for your disappointment. We hope you'll give our new more tailored service a shot!

Any questions, please feel free to drop us a line! 

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