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Why are Fair Trade products sustainable and ecocentric?   Imagine if we cultivated industries within their originating country, supporting the commodity such as raw chocolate, organic cotton, high quality wood used for artisan furniture to optimize growth, while providing jobs and resources for a village and work for the community, and supplying the absolute highest quality products to the world outside of […]

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Teal Pumpkins are a way to support allergy-friendly kids having a safe and fun Halloween, and to raise awareness for a healthier and happier Halloween by offering non-food items to your community of trick-or-treaters. Halloween candy traditions run deep as a tradition this season, from buying and stocking to prep for kids amassing sugar-laden treats – which potentially stay in […]

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There comes a time when your skin starts to lose its youthful glow and dreaded wrinkles begin set in.

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Fall is finally here and that means the lush green leaves that adorned the trees this summer are turning shades of orange, red and gold and are falling to the ground.

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One of the trendiest diets right now is a gluten-free one.

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