Best Baby Registry Sites: Where to Register for Your Baby Gifts


Best Baby Registry Sites: Where to Register for Your Baby Gifts

Registering for baby items in anticipation of your little one’s arrival can be a daunting task. If you haven’t already, check out our post about commonly forgotten baby registry items.  For all of our pregnant mamas, we wanted to do a quick rundown of your options for registering for baby – and let you know our favorites. Sure, you can always go to a store and start a registry there, but in doing so you are really limiting your options. Here’s a roundup of 5 of the best baby registry sites and why we like them for you.


Best for: Mom who wants the basics + some special finds

MyRegistry really does it all. Not only do they offer an easy to install “button” for your browser that allows you to pin images from any shop or site around the web, but they also sync with the basic baby registry sites at virtually all the major stores’ own registries.  This allows you to cover all your bases and also gives your traditional gifters (i.e moms and aunts) a chance to buy from familiar stores while your friends can help round out your wishlist with cool finds from etsy, indie brands and, of course, cool subscription boxes for new moms (cough).

Cash Gift Registry Option: Yes
Sync With Store Registries: Yes
Indie Brands/ Any Products: Yes
Help & Favors: Yes

Create a Baby Registry at

Best for: Mom needing some extra TLC

BabyList offers a sleek and an easy to use interface and allows moms to be to register for any product on the web, cash gifts and even “help & favors” such as home cooked meals or naptime relief. Similar to MyRegistry, BabyList offers a browser button that allows you to easily add any item you see online to your registry.

Cash Gift Registry Option: Yes
Sync With Store Registries: No – You can “Link” your registry but this isn’t the same thing as syncing. Items on both lists may be duplicated.
Indie Brands/ Any Products: Yes
Help & Favors: Yes

Gugu Guru

Best for: Mom needing guidance & inspiration

When you get started with Gugu Guru, they initially offer moms a short quiz regarding style preference for yourself, baby, and your nursery. They have compiled some fantastic style boards and were spot on with brands that I loved. You are then taken through a series of lifestyle questions to help narrow down the best products for your needs. If you are unsure about an option, they have a fantastic “Help Me Choose” feature that breaks down the pros and cons of each selection. Once the questions are finished, Gugu Guru generates a completely unbiased baby registry for you based on your criteria! Being a first time (or even veteran!) mom can be overwhelming, but they really eliminate the stress. Gugu Guru adds new brands to the site almost daily, including the classics as well as small businesses. In addition, you can add products to Gugu Guru from anywhere on the web, as they are a universal registry.

Cash Gift Registry Option: No
Sync With Store Registries: No, but able to add outside products to your registry
Indie Brands/ Any Products: Yes, as added
Help & Favors: No

SoKind Gift Registry

Best for: Mom who gives back

Sokind is an alternative gift registry service – from their website: “Today’s gift-giving culture has become ever more commercialized, fueled by ads, fads, and glitz. Here at SoKind, we know that your favorite gifts don’t always fit in a box. SoKind allows you to create a registry focused less on stuff and more on family, fun, and friends.” To use SoKind you have to be prepared to really think about the kinds of things you truly value and spend some time putting your list together. Peruse the sample registries on their site for inspiration but be prepared to get lots of TLC and a lot less “stuff”.

Cash Gift Registry Option: No but if that’s what you need you could ask for it
Sync With Store Registries: No
Indie Brands/ Any Products: Yes, sort of. This would be done via upload and website link rather than a button
Help & Favors: Yes, this is what this registry is all about

Did we miss any cool baby registry sites?


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