5 DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Make From Recyclables


5 DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Make From Recyclables

Halloween is just around the corner and people across the country are beginning to pick out costumes and display spooky decor. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent nearly $6.9 billion on Halloween in 2015 — that’s around $74 per person! This holiday is extremely popular but can be hard on the wallet – -and the environment. Many store-bought costumes and decorations are discarded, filling landfills. Why not get creative this year and try out some DIY Halloween decor? The projects listed here are fun, easy, and contain materials you can find in your own home. Enlist the entire family and get crafty! Can’t get enough kid-friendly fall activities? Check out some others ideas for fall family fun activities using autumn leaves.

Illuminated Ghost Milk Jugs

This super-simple craft will not only add festive flair to your yard, but also increase help to increase visibility for young trick-or-treaters. Collect some clean milk jugs, either in white or translucent, and some black sharpie markers. Draw ghoulish faces on one side of the jugs and color them in with the black market. Carefully cut a small hole in the back of each jug using a craft knife. Place some clear string lights in each milk jug, and put outside in a line. Your ghosts are now ready to go!

Black Cats Made From Gourds

Do you have some extra pumpkins or fall gourds laying around that are not going to be carved? Turn them into spooky black cats using black spray paint, and some card stock, and a tea light. Choose two different sized gourds for the head and body, cleaning out only the one that will be used for the head, cutting spaces for eyes. Remove the stem from the pumpkin that will be the “body,” and spray paint both gourds black. Once they are dry, set a tea light on top of the body and place the head over it. Attach black card stock to the top of the head to resemble cat ears and your feisty felines will be complete.

Floating Candles

Turn your home into the Great Hall by creating floating candles out of discarded paper towel tubes. Begin by painting the cardboard tubes white, allowing them to dry completely. Once dry, use a hot glue gun to draw “melted wax” on one end of the tube. Cut small holes on that same side and thread clear fishing wire through in order to hang the “candles” from the ceiling. Attach battery-operated tea lights to the the same end and voila – floating candles!

K-Cub Illuminated Garland

Disposable K-Cups have become a bit controversial, so more and more fans of the small coffee and tea containers have been getting crafty with their discarded cups. Make a cute Jack-o-Lantern garland out of white K-Cups and string lights. Remove any grounds or foil still attached to the cups, ensuring they are clean and dry. Placing the open side down, draw spooky Jack-o-Lantern faces on each cup – around 20 should work well. Cut a small hole in the top of each cup and insert string lights (use orange for a festive touch). Hang the garland, plug in the lights, and your pumpkin friends will be ready to party.


Cardboard Tombstones

There is no reason to buy expensive foam or plastic tombstones for your yard or haunted house – you can make them out of cardboard instead! Take a large piece of cardboard and draw the shape of a tombstone, using a box cutters to remove excess. Spray paint the tombstone silver or gray, allowing to dry completely. Using black paint, draw on a phrase such as “RIP” or a spooky name. Attach wire or wood to one side in order to secure the tombstones to the ground. Your graveyard is now complete!



Have you tried any of these crafts? Which one is your favorite? 

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