Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats



Teal Pumpkins are a way to support allergy-friendly kids having a safe and fun Halloween, and to raise awareness for a healthier and happier Halloween by offering non-food items to your community of trick-or-treaters.

Halloween candy traditions run deep as a tradition this season, from buying and stocking to prep for kids amassing sugar-laden treats – which potentially stay in the house for months – to educating kids about balancing sugar intake as candy is so prevalent. While the Halloween trend of candy-giving is promoted in the marketplace, what are some ways to stay smart and balance out fun associated with Halloween without cutting out treats altogether, and still allow your kids and neighborhood to discover being green this Halloween?

How about joining with allergy-friendly households by painting a pumpkin teal, and even trading out candy for inexpensive non-food items! This Halloween, families are joining together to include kids with food allergies – and have a healthier Halloween – by providing treats everyone can enjoy without worry or fear. Did you know the color teal promotes food allergy awareness and that by painting a pumpkin teal or having non-food, allergy-friendly Halloween treats to offer, you are helping to raise awareness of food allergies and help your community enjoy a greener Halloween?

The Teal Pumpkin Project was developed by FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education,  as a way to raise awareness of food allergies in your community. It allows other families to know that you have non-food treats available and that you honor being clean and green this Halloween, without having to stock up on candy. What are some things you can think of which could be useful treats, to make your Halloween even more green this year?

Some inexpensive items that could be purchased to go along with a teal pumpkin, or even with an original pumpkin as a treat for trick-or-treaters, include: pencils or crayons, whistles or bouncy balls, cards, notebooks, or any sort of safe toy you can imagine, BPA-free you would like to promote through your household that would work for children of all ages. This could be a chance to explore going green this Halloween, or as a tradition to incorporate for years to come!

Share pictures or ideas of your Teal Halloween or ways your are greening your Halloween by honoring allergy-friendly trick-or-treaters using #TealPumpkinProject and see the Teal Pumpkin Project for more information.


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