Best Baby Strollers 2020


Strollers come in all sizes, designs, colors, and prices. If you take your baby along for errands, or you go jogging with them, a full-size stroller will be the most ideal for you. If you run around tracks and traverse trails, a more robust stroller with room to grow will serve you better. For a frequent traveler, where you bring the baby along for camps or to see family and friends, you need a foldable and lightweight stroller.

When shopping for the best baby stroller, you will need to choose from three categories; full-size stroller, jogger baby strollers, and traveler stroller.

  • Full-size strollers are the most robust and the most common. They also pack the most features, bigger storage, larger canopies, comfortable seats, and larger wheels. If you are looking for a stroller, you can attach to the car seat, these full-size strollers might be your best choice. However, they are too large for newborns unless you attach a bassinet.
  • Jogging Strollers sport air-filled tires and shock absorbers to keep the baby comfortable during the run. While the units might be larger and more cumbersome than full-size strollers, they come in handy if you are active.
  • Traveler strollers are collapsible – although most modern strollers today will collapse to a small size. They are also light in weight, so, you can carry them in the car or flight. However, due to their lightweight and collapsible nature, they may not have all the features of a full-size stroller.
  • There are other types of strollers to choose from, including newborn and wagon strollers. Newborn strollers are smaller than all other strollers, and you can cart multiple kids in them. Wagon strollers are for parents who love stylish strollers. Others are double and expandable strollers for twins.

Below is a list of the top five best strollers 2020. There is no single stroller that fits all parents; the best strollers for you should match your needs.

1. Thule Sleek Four-Wheel Stroller – A High-End Double Stroller

Best Double Stroller 2020

The Thule Sleek Four-Wheel Stroller is a double stroller that can hold up to three kids if you purchased additional seating. Its plastic wheels allow it to carry extra weight and maneuver in rough terrain. You can add two car seat carriers, two seats, two bassinets, or all the three with a ride-on rolling board, so you can carry three kids. For all these features, you might have to pay higher than you would with a similar stroller. However, the sturdy build and its relatively small size make it worth the price.

Features and Performance

It is easy to access the seat on the Sleek as all you need to do is to flip open the belly bar. The unit is easy to use, thanks to its simple design. Although it is relatively heavy, its small size lowers its center of gravity, thus making it easy to push. To fold the unit, you will need two hands. It folds when you pull up on its sides to release the slides. When folded, it has an automatic lock that keeps it folded and self-stands. Unfolding, it also requires two hands – however, the process will take getting-used-to.

You can use the brakes on the Sleek with great ease. The rocker-style brake pedal sits at the center of the rear axle with its foot-friendly design being excellent for users of all heights. You can easily set and release the brakes by pressing either side of the pedal – a single pedal push engages both the rear wheels.
Storage and Sunshade
You can carry an extra-large diaper bag on the storage bin of this stroller. The bin can hold a maximum of 11 pounds. Better yet, it sports a zippered cover and is accessible from all sides of the stroller. To match the large size of the stroller, Thule installed large shades on the seats of the Sleek. These shades sport a zippered ventilation panel to keep the baby breathing comfortably and a pop-out to keep the sun away.
The harness on the Sleek will take getting-used-to to put on. However, it is easy to remove. To put it on, you will need to separate the shoulder and waist straps and snap them into the main buckle. The shoulder straps should secure the waist straps in the slot. This 5-point harness lets you adjust its height by sliding the buckles and its length with the crotch strap.
The seats on the Sleek reclines simply by pulling the lever on its back and then tilting the seats. The seats can recline to three positions. The main seat and the second seat are almost identical. You can adjust the height and leg rest on both these seats. You can also recline them using one hand. The seats recline more when facing backward towards the pusher.
The whole stroller attaches with ease on infant car seats. However, you will need adapters to set the stroller on the car seat. Side attachment adapters and loop style adapters are the best when attaching the stroller to a car seat.

Stroller Set up and Maneuverability

You will need about 10 minutes to set up the Sleek. For the first time, you can refer to the manual, which has illustrations at the back. The process includes setting up the wheels, canopy, belly bar, and the seats. After the first setup up, you can set the unit easier and faster the next time.

Unlike most inline strollers, the plastic wheels on the Sleek have a shorter wheelbase. This makes the stroller easy to push on hard surfaces, on grass, and gravel. When carting across rough terrain, the frame might flex a little, and the rear wheels might swivel, but you will get across the rugged terrain.

Weight, Folded Size, and Quality

If you need a small fold, you need to remove the seat and the back wheels. Even when you leave the seat and the wheels, the Sleek is still not as large as other double strollers. It might be heavier than the average double stroller, at 35.9 pounds, but it is smaller than the average stroller when folded.

Every part of this stroller is straight and lines up perfectly. It is a quality stroller guaranteed to serve you for many years. Everything comes together in only a few connection points with no flex.

The canvas used on all parts of the Sleek is the same, giving the unit a uniform look. This material is breathable, easy to clean, and highly durable. The wheels are plastic and foam-filled. While the wheels might not look as nice as those on the best jogger baby strollers, they serve their purpose. The thick padding and all-round shocks keep the stroller comfortable for the baby during a ride.
Better yet, you can pull out the handlebar if you are tall or push them in if you are short. The handlebar has adequate padding and wipes clean.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Comfortable seat with a secure harness
  • Maneuvers with ease
  • A lot of storage space
  • Large sunshade


  • Relatively pricey
  • Relatively heavy

2. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller – A Lightweight Stroller

Best Baby Stroller 2020 Summer Infant

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is lightweight, portable, well equipped, and affordable. It also sports a durable construction, so, you can use it for years to come. The model has rocked the stroller market for a long time – it stands among the best strollers for budget shoppers.

Thousands of moms online find the stroller great, as seen in the numerous reviews they have left on online sites.

When fully assembled, the 3D Lite weighs only 13 pounds. Its weight does not make it frail as it can accommodate babies and packed items up to 50 pounds. It works perfectly if you need a travel stroller, or a stroller to tour the city or run quick errands such as going to the mall.

Features and Performance

The seat on the 3D Lite is ideal for an infant who can sit up without any assistance. The baby must not be more than 50 pounds and 43 inches tall. It is, therefore, more suited for a baby between two and three years. With the backrest being only 18 inches, a baby with a longer torso may not get enough head support. The seat is also somewhat shallow for older babies with the footrest even closer to the seat. This way, the legs of older babies will always dangle. In short, you cannot use this stroller for a baby who is over three years or a taller toddler. If you use it on older or taller toddlers, the space between the seat and the canopy is 28 inches, so, they will fit, but their heads will not be supported, and their legs will be in awkward positions.
The seat is made comfortable by its four inclination positions; 60, 66, 45, and 25 degrees. Since it does lie flat at its lowest inclination, the seat does not accommodate newborns as their spines need enough support. Reclining the seat is easy; just squeeze the two red handles with both hands.
To keep the baby secure on the seat, a 5-point harness holds the baby to the seat. The shoulder straps and the crotch strap have padded covers for the baby’s comfort. There is a small non-adjustable footrest on the 3D Light Convenience so your baby can have a comfortable ride.
The 3D Lite sports a 1-panel canopy with a simple flip-out sun visor. The sun visor keeps the baby safe from UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The canopy extends just enough to offer enough shade for the baby.
The handlebar on the 3D Lite is 42 inches from the ground. While the length is not adjustable, it accommodates most average height and tall parents. This is great as tall parents do not have to hunch over or kick the stroller during a ride. Even shorter parents, most of them still find the stroller handle height just fine. To add to the comfort, these handles feature thick foam padding.
Wheels and Suspension
The 3DLite Convenience Stroller sports four dual wheels. Each wheel is 6 inches and made of EVA foam. These wheels work best on even and hard surfaces, but you can use them on short grass and a little rough terrain. In very rough terrain and tall grass, the wheels might get stuck.
The front wheels turn 360 degrees, and this makes it easy for you to turn the stroller. If you are going on harsher terrain, however, you can lock the wheels. To enhance comfort, there is the anti-shock suspension, which protects the baby from impact when riding on rough terrain.
There are two brake pedals for the two rear wheels. To immobilize this best baby stroller, you need to lock the wheels separately. The process can be annoying at first, but you will ultimately get used to it. The pedals are easy to lock and release.
Storage Basket
Even though this stroller is light in weight and small, it sports a large storage basket below and behind the seat. Note that you cannot access the bin in a reclined seat position. The bin is easily accessible from the back, although you need to raise the seat if in a reclined position.
There are also extra storage pockets to hold your essentials close to you. On the cover of the vented seat top is a pocket large enough to hold your wallet, keys, cell phone, and some snacks.
Additionally, the 3D Lite Convenience has a cup holder, whose position on the frame you can adjust as you wish. This way, you always have access to the baby’s cup and your water bottle.

Size, Weight, and Fold

If you are looking for a stroller to maneuver busy streets, the 3D Lite will work. The size of the stroller does not accommodate all babies, but it is comfy and performs excellently for the right baby. It folds with ease into an umbrella-style fold. Folding it is easy as all you need to do is lift the rear handle, then push the lever with your foot, and the stroller collapses.

When fully collapsed, the stroller automatically locks in position. There is also a carry strap for convenient carry. If you use public transport, you might find the carry strap so handy.

Build Quality

While this is a budget stroller, it comes with top quality features to last long. The quality of the stroller is decent, and the stroller gets the job done. The canvas on the seat is strong and will last for longer than a few years. Better yet, its frames do not flex.


  • Padded harness
  • Most budget-friendly of all best strollers 2020
  • Exceptional maneuverability in crowded places
  • Removable cup holder
  • Useful pocket behind the seat
  • Compact fold, lightweight, and portable


  • Wheels do not work well in rough terrain
  • Reclined seat blocks access to the storage basket

3. Thule Spring Stroller – A Modern Single Stroller

Best Baby Stroller 2020 Thule

Thule is one of the manufacturers of the best strollers in the world. The company has a stroller for every occasion. If you need a single stroller that sports modern features on a budget, the Thule Spring Stroller might be an excellent choice.

Features and Performance

While this unit is not as light as the Summer Infant's 3D Lite Convenience above, it is very compact and folds with great ease. The 3-wheel stroller adapts to different terrains, giving you and your baby great comfort. Plus, when folded, this stroller is easy to carry around, thanks to its lightweight nature. When fully assembled, the unit is 30 percent smaller than conventional 3-wheel strollers. While the size might limit the height and age of the baby you carry, it is very convenient when you travel. Again, it maneuvers bust streets with so much ease.

The stroller easily folds in two steps and automatically locks in position. You can fold it with one hand while the other hand holds the baby. When folded, the unit is self-standing, which makes it easy for storage, carry, and transport.
Sun Protection
An adjustable vented canopy sits at the top of the seat, protecting the baby from the low sun. The material of the canopy keeps the baby safe from UPF 50+ UV. To accommodate even taller babies, the canopy sits high above the seat.
The tires on this unit are foam-filled, so, they do not puncture when you need them the most. Each wheel is 8.5 inches, which is large enough to maneuver rough terrain. Better yet, the front wheel swivels with much ease to allow turning, but you can lock it in position for a swift ride.
The anti-shock suspension keeps your baby comfortable during the ride.
The seat on the Thule Spring is comfortable. It is made of high-quality canvas. On the seat is a five-point padded harness that keeps your baby safe and secure throughout a ride. This seat can recline into three positions for the comfort of your baby. Even better, a step in its footrest allows older babies to climb onto the stroller without your assistance. However, the footrests are not adjustable to accommodate different heights.
The handlebar on Thule Spring is padded for comfort during a ride. The padding wipes clean with ease after the ride. All parents can use the stroller comfortably regardless of their height, thanks to the adjustability of the handlebar. Just slide them in or out according to your height. Only a single hand is need to adjust the handlebar to the required height; press a button and pull or push the handlebar.
Storage Basket
Behind the seat is a large open storage basket that can hold up to 11 pounds. However, the basket doesn't have a zippered cover; it is just open. It also doesn’t have other handy pockets needed to hold your essentials.


  • Travel-ready stroller that folds with great ease
  • Lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry or store
  • Large wheels adapt to different terrains
  • Comfortable seat
  • Large and easy to access storage basket behind the seat
  • Among the best strollers 2020 for the budget shopper
  • Padded five-point harness for safety and comfort


  • The storage basket is open, no zippered cover
  • The unit is not ideal for toddlers older than three years, thanks to its small size

4. Thule Urban Glide 2 – A Mid-Range Double Stroller for Joggers

Best Baby Stroller 2020 Urban Glide 2

Thule keeps updating their stroller for more comfort and performance. The Urban Glide 2 is a high-performance mid-range stroller that was updated in 2018, placing it among the best jogger baby strollers. Although there are only slight differences between the new model and the older model of the stroller, this new model comes at a higher price tag that gets parents wondering whether it is all worth it.

The new model sports additional twist handbrake that makes your work easier when you need to put the stroller on a stop. Better yet, you can attach a bassinet on this stroller, making it the best baby stroller for newborns. You can, therefore, use this stroller as your primary stroller from birth up to the time the baby is six months.

Features and Performance

The Urban Glide is not a new jogging stroller in the market. It has stood as the best baby stroller for some jogging parents. The stroller is lightweight, making it portable and will not break your back when you are jogging. When Thule decided to upgrade it to version 2.0 with additional features, the stroller became even better.

Wheels and Suspension
The Urban Glide is a three-wheeled stroller with a 12-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheels. The tires are air-filled, so, you will need to inflate them often. The large inflatable wheels make the stroller ideal for use on rough and bumpy terrain.

The front wheel swivels, making it easy for you to maneuver busy streets. When you are jogging, however, you will need to lock the front wheel for stability. With the built-in suspension, the stroller protects the baby from impact when it hits bumps. This gives the baby a smooth ride at all times.
Thule added a few safety features on Urban Glide 2 to make the baby more secure. For starters, it features an integrated twist handbrake. This is a completely new feature only available on a few Thule best strollers. With this handbrake, you have better control of the stroller, especially when you are jogging on rough terrain. You can slow down any time as the brakes are within easy reach. All you need to do is twist, and the stroller comes to a hold.
Besides the twist handbrake, the Urban Glide 2 sports a parking brake pedal; this braking option works the same as the conventional pedal brake on most of the best strollers 2020. This pedal sits between the rear wheels and is large and easy to press. However, the pedal is not easy to disengage when on flip-flops, but this is a minor issue since this is a jogging stroller and you jog with sneakers and gym shoes. At first, the pedal feels stiff, but it loosens with time.
5-Point Harness
The seat on Urban Glide 2 comes with a padded 5-point harness to secure the baby on the seat. The harness feels soft to touch, so, it doesn't rub the baby's delicate skin.
On the handlebar is a safety strap so you can secure the stroller on your wrist. This way, the stroller will never run off from you. However, be careful not to take the stroller down with you if you fall.
For added safety, the tires and the canopy have reflective parts that illuminate in the dark, keeping you visible and safe at night. These reflective strips are great for evening and morning jogging.
The seat on the Urban Glide 2 is well padded and can accommodate up to 75 pounds. At 13.5 inches wide, some parents find it too narrow for kids three years or older. However, the backrest and the leg rest are big enough to accommodate kids up to 4 years. The canopy is also high enough to protect your kids as they grow.
This seat has infinite recline so you can lock it at any recline angle. However, the seat does not fully recline, so, it is not the best baby stroller for newborns. It is easy to recline the seat with a single hand by adjusting the buckle on the strap. However, you will need two hands to raise the seat.
On top of the seat is a mesh that enhances breathability on hot days. On chilly days, you might have to cover the mesh to keep the baby warm.
Even though recline positions are not ideal for a newborn, the Urban Glide 2 has two seating configurations, allowing you to use it from birth. The best jogger baby strollers such as Urban Glide 2 can accommodate newborns, but note, it is not advisable to jog with a baby younger than six months.
To use the stroller for a newborn, you need a Thule Bassinet. All you need to do is remove the regular seat and attach the bassinet to the frame of the stroller. The bassinet clicks into position and stays safe for the baby. It is not easy to remove the regular seat, and it takes time. However, you only have to remove it once and fix it back when the baby is six months old.
Unlike the regular seat, the bassinet provides a flat surface to support the back of the newborn. Like the regular seat, the bassinet also has a nice canopy that blocks the sun and the wind from reaching the baby. When folding the stroller for storage, the bassinet also folds flat.
Car Seat Compatibility
If you are often driving, you can attach the stroller to the car seat without a hassle. All you need is a proper adapter. This allows for a quick and swift transition from the stroller to the car.
Canopy and Handlebar
The canopy on Urban Glide 2 is large and expands far to offer full protection from harmful UV rays. The stroller also features a peek-a-boo window. There are also mesh side windows that enhance the flow of air with the canopy fully extended.

The Urban Glide 2 sports a UPF50+ canopy material that protects your child from harmful UV rays from the sun. To further protect your child, the sun visor is the same material as the canopy.
Whether you are tall or short, the adjustable handlebar on this stroller lets you jog or stroll without breaking your back. You can adjust the handlebar from 35.5 to 44 inches off the ground. This way, tall parents do not have to slouch and short parents will not suffer wrist fatigue.

Storage Space and Folding

You have plenty of storage space with the Urban Glide 2. Underneath the seat is a large storage basket with a zippered cover to keep your valuables safe. Behind the seat is a mesh side pocket to hold your essentials such as phone, wallet, and keys. There are also two mesh side pouches inside the seat to hold small toys and the baby’s sippy cup.

It is easy to fold this stroller; just lift the calf rest and hold the stroller with the handle attached to collapse. You can do that with one hand. It has an automatic lock that keeps the stroller folded in position. Even when fully folded, the stroller is relatively large thanks to its large rear wheels – this is the case with most of the best jogger baby strollers. However, you can remove the rear wheels to make the stroller smaller for easy storage.

To make this the best baby stroller for joggers, Thule made it a heavy-duty unit. As such, the stroller is heavy to move on bumpy roads and tall grass. It can also accommodate heavy passengers. At 25.3 pounds, this stroller packs a decent weight for a heavy-duty jogging stroller.


  • Maneuvers with ease on rugged terrain
  • Offers an ultra-smooth ride thanks to the suspension system
  • Adjustable handlebar accommodates different heights
  • Offers a lot of storage space
  • Solid construction to last long


  • Relatively pricey
  • Limited height setting between the lowest and the highest handlebar position

5. BOB Gear Rambler Stroller – A Jogging Stroller

Best Baby Stroller 2020 Rambler

The Rambler does not pack the emblematic large build of BOB Gear strollers. It appears stripped down, with minimal features, but solid construction. However, it still sports great standard features such as a large canopy, storage basket, adjustable handlebar, and quality frames among others. For a jogging stroller, the unit comes in a manageable weight and size. However, it does not feature a carry strap and does not self-stand when folded.

Features and Performance

The Rambler is for parents who love jogging. Its small size, ease of folding, and durable construction makes it an ideal unit for use on rough terrain. When folded, a strap and buckle helps lock it in place. While this buckle adds a step in the folding process, it secures the stroller firmly. There is nothing complex in using the Rambler.

There is a press rocker pedal between the rear wheels of this stroller. The pedal sets and releases with ease to stop or release the stroller. You do not need fancy shoes to press the pedal as it feels easy under your foot. Again, this is a single-action break, working perfectly for the two rear wheels.
There is a storage pocket under the seat of the stroller that can hold up to 10 pounds. The pocket can comfortably fit a large diaper bag. It also has good access from the back, the sides, but not from the front. The shortcoming is that there are no other pockets for the baby’s sippy cup, toys, or your essentials.
The canopy on the Rambler is large enough to cover up to the knees of most babies. It also comes with a medium-sized peek-a-boo window. This window is covered with a cloth that secures with Velcro.
5-Point Harness
The 5-Point Harness on this stroller is easy to use, thanks to its easy-to-press buckle. Both the shoulder and the crotch straps are adjustable to keep your baby safe and secure. The straps attach to the back of the seat, and they slide up and down when you adjust them.
You can adjust the recline of the Rambler’s seat to whichever angle you find comfortable and safe for your baby. You only need one hand to recline the seat by pinching the attached plastic toggle. The recline positions are infinite, but the unit does lie flat at its lowest recline. Therefore, the seat is not ideal for the newborns. You need two hands to raise the back of the seat to a straight position – this could be challenging with the child’s back resting on the seat.
Besides the adjustable backrest, the leg rest is also adjustable with a narrow footrest.
You can attach the stroller to an infant car seat with an adapter. Unfortunately, you have to buy the car seat adapter separately.
Note that while the seat is comfortable and secure with the harness and padding, you should not run with an infant. When the baby is younger than 8 months, you can only walk.


You only need about five and a half minutes to set up the Rambler. It comes with an Allen wrench for use when tightening the wheels, which are the only components that require assembly. The instructions on the manual are easy to follow.

This being among the best strollers for joggers, it maneuvers crowded places with much ease. The stroller sports large rubber tires on plastic wheels. The front wheel swivels up to 360 degrees, allowing for easy maneuverability when walking. When jogging, you can lock the wheel in position for stability.

For even better maneuverability, the Rambler has a narrower footprint than most of the best jogger baby strollers. When not in use, the stroller folds smaller than most of the best strollers 2020. However, it is still cumbersome, thanks to the lack of carry strap and free-standing features. Again, it may not perfectly fit in small cars when folded. At 25.1 pounds, this might not be the best baby stroller if you need a lightweight option.


  • Solid construction to last long
  • Folds smaller than most joggers
  • Large wheels to maneuver rough terrain
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable recline and leg rest


  • Limited storage space
  • Lacks carry strap and is not free-standing when folded


Your budget and your needs will determine which stroller suits you. If you have twins, a double stroller will be the most ideal for you. In that case, you can go for the Thule Sleek Four-Wheel Stroller. However, the Sleek comes at a premium price.

If you travel a lot, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller might be the best choice for you. This is a stripped down unit, making it light and ideal for a traveler.

The Thule Spring is a robust stroller, and it features in the list of best strollers for its adaptability to different uses. It is a single stroller toned down to make it affordable.

The Urban Glide 2 and the Rambler are options for parents who love jogging. They both have large inflatable wheels for maneuverability in rough and flat terrain.

Whichever you choose between the two will depend on the additional features and the price.


When shopping for the best stroller, you need to look at the comfort of your baby when you are running or walking, your budget, and the age of your baby. If you are looking for a stroller for a newborn, consider one that reclines to a flat position or one that takes a bassinet attachment. If your baby is older than two years, consider the size of the seat, especially the backrest and height of the canopy. For a jogging stroller, the wheels need to be large and inflatable.

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