Conscious Mother's Day Ideas You'll Love


 Conscious Mother's Day Ideas You'll Love

 Have you been thinking about what you want for Mothers Day? How would you like to  celebrate the beauty you are? Imagine waking up to a massage, breakfast in bed, coffee with relaxation all around you. Gratefully allow yourself to feel blissful with Mother’s Day as a reminder of the gift that you are to your community, family, the world.

We have dedicated this month to becoming definitively healthy and happy and remembering when we least expect it, there are gifts to receive. What does every eco woman need? Balance? Health? Beauty? Bliss? To luxuriate in the comfort of her home and family? At any point in time, our needs progress to help us maintain health and wholeness.


The gift of health comes in many ways, especially for Mother’s Day, only you know what the body needs. A yoga class, or possibly even to sleep in? Touch is vital to us staying well, and the body agrees, have you had a massage lately? Maybe your Mother’s Day is about giving yourself the gift of relaxation and restoration through simply being with your family or daydreaming about being in your favorite place in nature.

Eco Indulgences

strawberryTreat yourself to a Healthy Mothers Day, with a fair-trade purchased chocolate or wine, or even by finding a gift in a local organic product to please your senses and delight in the moment. As seen in Ecocentric Mom boxes, a few ideas to green your mother’s day:

Meal with Friends and Family

outdoor dinner partyWhen life is running us and we are trying to catch up, it may be difficult to stop and smell the roses. Make a reservation with your family and friends this month at a restaurant or in your home or for a picnic for a peaceful, celebratory feast.

Organized Nest

Mother’s Day is about celebrating life as a woman, which can get kind of crazy. Take a moment to center yourself, organize your thoughts and prioritize your time for the upcoming year. Every woman knows what she needs to run her life efficiently and in a way that supports well-being. What if everything in your home and life sparked joy?

A Gift Box of Well-Being


A box of healthy, eco-friendly beauty and lifestyle products, such as Ecocentric Mom Limited Edition box, with yet to be discovered highly useful, toxin-free products for the motherhood journey. Ecocentric Mom Mother’s Day Limited Edition Boxes are great for a healthier mother’s day made all the more peaceful and pleasurable!! For more info and to buy


Run for a Cause

Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Donate by signing up to run in a race to support this truly good cause or one that speaks to your heart.

What are your Mother’s Day ideas, wishes and dreams? We would love to know what you are up to in your wildest dreams for this day to celebrate you.


In what way are you celebrating your Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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