Easy DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe


Easy DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe
Whether you’ve slept through your alarm or are just feeling plain lazy, there comes a day during the workweek when you just can’t muster the time or energy for a shampoo. When that day comes, an easy, healthful and DIY dry shampoo can keep your hair fresh and oil-free. While you can buy a variety of commercial brands at your local store, you may find that many contain ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Keep things simple and green by grabbing a few items from your pantry to whip up your own at home. You’ll keep pesky chemicals at bay and save on packaging and shipping, all while having fun in the kitchen.

What you’ll need:

Whipping up this simple recipe requires only a few common pantry items. Essential oils add a boutique feel to your shampoo and can be picked up at most health food stores.

  • ½ cup organic corn starch
  • 3-4 drops essential oil of your choosing (jasmine, sandalwood or lavender work particularly well in the hair)
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder for coloring (skip this step if you’re a blonde)
No time for a shampoo this morning? No sweat with this easy and sweet-smelling DIY. 


Add each ingredient to a clean mason jar. Secure the lid tightly. Then, shake your mixture until all components are well-combined. Remove the lid and, with an electric drill, create small holes in the metal. Return the lid to the mason jar.

How to use

Use your simple, homemade and sweet-smelling dry shampoo whenever you miss a day in the shower. You can also indulge in this concoction any time your roots need a voluminous boost. When ready to use, turn over the mason jar and dispense from the lid directly onto your roots. Leave the mixture in place to absorb any excess oil before brushing thoroughly.

Have you ever made your own dry shampoo? Tell us how your experience went.

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