4 Ways to Enjoy Nature in Winter


breathe-in-the-beauty-of-nature-during-wintertime-with-these-simple-tips_2014_40033694_0_14110494_500-300x200For the nature lovers among us, winter can be a tough time to delight in the great outdoors. It’s cold, dark and gloomy, and we’re much more likely to batten down the hatches and stay inside until spring. But if the natural world outside your windows is what lends inspiration to your everyday, we have a few suggestions to help you enjoy nature in winter despite the weather.

Try the nature conservatory

“All that greenery and warmth is sure to snap you out of any seasonal funk you may be battling.”

Do some research and find a conservatory in your area. Even a drive is worth it, if it means you can spend an afternoon breathing in the warm humid air of a plant sanctuary. Forget your wintertime troubles and stroll from each plant paradise to the next. All that greenery and warmth is sure to snap you out of any seasonal funk you may be battling.

Embrace winter

Challenge yourself to find the beauty in a gray winter’s day. Sure, there’s not a speck of greenery to be found and the only warmth you feel is your own breath filling your scarf. But there’s a peaceful solitude that only a quiet snowy day can bring. Bundle up and head outdoors, strolling your local park, the shoreline or your neighborhood to peer at this chilly season through rose-colored glasses.

Get moving

If you can get your heart pumping, chances are you’ll hardly feel the frigid cold. Get some fresh air and exercise by strapping on a pair of snowshoes or cross country skis. Breathing in the crisp winter air will revitalize and refresh – and make curling up under a blanket later on, all the more indulgent.

Observe the wildlife

The snowbirds have flown south until spring, but there’s still plenty of wildlife to observe. Set up a bird feeder outside your window – or put up a bird bath if the temperature’s high enough. This way, you’ll have the best of both world – watching the animals flit and frolic while you stay warm and snug indoors.

How do you get your nature fix in winter? Share your ideas, inspiration, stories and solutions below!

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