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Encourage your son or daughter to be a good steward of the earth beginning at story time. We've rounded up five award-winning picture books that put environmental heroes in the spotlight.

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There isn't a mother among us who hasn't wished for an extra set of hands. On some days, when you're feeding the baby in your arms with one hand and brushing your teeth with the other, parenting can feel like an Olympic sport.

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As moms, we share in our baby's pain. Whether it's teething, sickness or a run-of-the-mill diaper rash, our kid's discomfort is both heart-wrenching and routine-disrupting.

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Just as the temperature dips and we inch closer to the holidays comes one more telltale sign of winter: dry, itchy skin. If your little one is turning rosy-cheeked from the cold and feeling scaly to the touch, we have three simple and safe ways to bring back that soft, supple skin you love.

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There's simply no reason to fill your grocery cart with jarred baby foods when there's so much fresh organic fruits and vegetables available.

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