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Stubborn children can drive most parents crazy. If you have a stubborn child, then everyday tasks can be a nightmare.  Kids who are strong-willed won't respond well to the majority of normal discipline techniques. Things like taking a toy away, putting them on a time out and saying, "you won't get any dessert", just doesn't work on them.  While it's not necessarily a negative characteristic as they grow older, dealing with a toddler or young child who continually reverts to doing the opposite of the things you say can prove tiring.  In this article, we'll break down the barriers and...

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Your new baby comes bundled with a whole lot of surprises. But we’re not talking about the wonderful surprise of awesome new baby love, or that new baby smell (wayyyyy better than “new car smell” any day). We mean the surprises that no one talks about. The new baby behaviors that get parents scratching their heads […]

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Would you chop your vegetables in your bathroom? The kitchen sponge is thought to be 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, or even your garbage can and diaper pail! The many pores in the sponge serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, especially since many thrive in damp environments. Combine this with food remnants […]

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