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A mother’s life and body drastically change after giving birth. These dramatic changes can cause many women to experience the baby blues or even postpartum depression. The main reason for this emotional downward spiral is due to a sudden change of hormones after the birth. Adjusting to parenthood and a lack of sleep can also play […]

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With spring on the horizon, it’s time for pretty dresses, new shoes, cleaning and… bugs! One of the very few downsides to being outside is the potential for insect bites. Some may just be itchy and annoying, but others can be lifechanging. Many biting bugs carry diseases such as Lyme and the dreaded Zika, among […]

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For the most part, all of us want to live healthier lives and make the right food choices every day. With the over abundant access to junk food in our grocery stores and fast food restaurants on every corner, this is becoming more and more difficult. In some cases, the best options are obvious, like […]

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Nobody can argue that being a mother is a full-time job in and of itself, and that’s before factoring in the cooking, cleaning, and other work that many moms do on a daily basis. As a parent, we want the absolute best for our kids. Since you’re visiting us here at Ecocentric Mom, we’ll hazard a guess […]

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You know exactly the feeling we’re talking about — that mid-morning craving for something sweet to go alongside your coffee or herbal tea, or the desire for an indulgent late-night snack before crawling into bed. Desserts can be wonderful, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Like any food, desserts and […]

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