The prettiest all-natural cold remedy


Add this fragrant herb to your shower to unlock its congestion-clearing properties for a cold remedy.

One luxuriously steamy soak under a few fresh eucalyptus sprigs and you’ll find you’re breathing easier. The eucalyptus, a tree native to Australia, has long been heralded for its soothing powers. With a crisp, antiseptic scent, eucalyptus has been the key ingredient in many health and hygiene products, such as cough drops, toothpastes and deodorants.

Purchase a bunch at your local market or craft store, but be sure the latter doesn’t offer dyed varieties. You definitely want only the fresh, untainted stuff. The sprigs you hang in your shower will last through the week and they are inexpensive enough to use quite frequently. Best of all, eucalyptus can be dried after use, ensuring you can reuse and recycle your cold-clearing sprigs. For peace of mind that your purchase is an eco-friendly one, eucalyptus is also a fast-growing and sustainable remedy for everything from the common cold to sore muscles.

Once you’ve picked up your sprigs, hang them in the shower out of reach of the water stream. We should mention that drizzling a concentrated eucalyptus essential oil around your shower drain may be most effective, though you will miss out on the beautiful dose of green the fresh plant will bring. Either way, the steam will release the herb’s congestion-clearing properties, opening your chest and sinuses and adding a beautiful scent to your home as well.

Have you ever tried this? What cold-clearing remedies do you swear by? Have you tried this au naturel homeopathic cold remedy, Oscillococcinum (including a $1 off coupon). Tell us all about your go-to cold remedy  in the comments below.

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