Top 20 Pregnancy Go Bag Essentials


Top 20 Pregnancy Go Bag Essentials


Pregnancy Go Bag Essentials

Being prepared ahead of time will give you peace of mind as you head into the final weeks of your pregnancy. We’ve prepared a list of the 20 Go-Bag Essentials that will help your time in the hospital be as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on the business of baby-having.  We’ve included only eco-friendly products, free of harsh chemicals so you and your little can get off on the right foot.  Many of these items have been included in our Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Box  so our mommas-to-be will be extra ready for the big day.

Grooming Supplies

You will want to feel your best throughout the birth and recovery stay, and sometimes taking a few moments to pull yourself together is just the way to do that.

1- A Bag: Pack your essentials in a durable and not-oversized bag so you can find it all. We featured a stylish Loqi tote in our November Pregnancy Box.

2- Baby Wipes – Including natural, chemical free wipes like the Piyo Piyo Wipes will come in handy to help you feel fresh when you aren’t able to wash (or stand up!) during the birthing process.

3- Shampoo/Conditioner – Nothing feels quite like a shower either during or after birth. Don’t forget to pack your shampoo and conditioner.

4- Body Wash Another delightful must have to help unwind and relax.

5-Body Lotion – Your skin will love you for taking the time to moisturize. A Kosmotology Lotion Bar will be featured in our December Pregnancy Box.

6-Face Wipes  – like these Acure Organics Wipes are so great to cleanse and moisturize your face and can replace a proper face washing when that doesn’t seem possible! Keep a look out for these wipes in our upcoming January box.

7- It may seem like a lot of work with everything you have going on, but some new moms feel an overwhelming desire to feel totally put together after birth. Don’t forget your shave cream and razor!

8- Natural Deodorant like this one. You’ll work up quite a sweat so having extra deo is a must!

9- Toothbrush and Toothpaste, of course! We love David’s Natural Toothpaste because it is made without the SHAMPOO ingredients that are in most big-brand pastes. Believe it.

10- Lip Balm like the Lasting Smiles Lip Balm (October) Lips tend to chap and dry out with all the ….effort. So pack your favorite balm to soothe and comfort.


Recovery & Pain Management

Your body is going to be put through the ringer – all so worth it of course – but if you’re ready with the right supplies you’ll be able to spend those first magical hours focusing on your new baby rather than the burning pain in your nipples (and elsewhere)

11-Maxi Pads . Big ones. The hospital often doles these out but you should come prepared if you want to use a more ecofriendly option.

12-Disposable Underwear Another girl’s best friend during the recovery journey.  You could bring some proper underwear too, but don’t make it your faves, they likely won’t survive the experience

13- Nipple Cream Your nipples will start to hurt from day 1, even before your milk comes in. Be prepared.

14- Bottom Spray – Your nether-regions are going to be worse for the wear. We have discovered some amazing healing options for post-partum support like this one  and work some magic to dissipate your discomfort


Comfort Items

You may be surprised to find yourself with a little time on your hands! When the adrenaline subsides you will want to fill your time and be as comfortable as possible in your hospital environment.

15- Snacks, lots of them, preferably healthy ones. These will be great during the birth process and in off hours during your hospital stay. Our subscribers have recently sampled Frontier Snack Bites in our November box and will get to try Coconut Organics  in the December box. Both would be great options to take along

16- Gum or Mints like  Glee Gum or Newman’s Own Organic Mints . You might not be able to eat anything during labor so chew on something to help occupy your thoughts.

17- EarthYum Organic Lollipops Aren’t lollipops the best? You can use these when the contractions get more intense.

18 -Something to do! Believe it or not you will have some downtime during labor. Especially if you’ve opted for the epidural, you might actually be comfortable enough to want to pass the time. Playing cards, a book, a great playlist or even a game to play with your sig other might be just the thing

19-  Soothing aromatherapy spray. Hospital smells aren’t always the best. Come prepared with an awesome scent like the Essece of Vali sleep spray in our November box, or even a Neelu Kaur roller ball to help make your little room feel (and smell) more like home.

20- Loose fitting clothing – we don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but you won’t snap right back to your pre-baby body overnight. When you leave the hospital you will likely still need maternity clothing or at least a loose fitting dress.  You will also probably not want to live in a hospital gown during your stay (drafty!). 1-2 changes of clothes are in order.


Every birth is different and beautiful. What else would you add to your hospital go bag?



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