10 Best Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend


Best Gift Ideas for Pregnant Friend

There are few things in life better than watching your best girlfriend become a mom. Whether you have kids, yourself, and are serving as her guide or are as scared and clueless as she is, it’s fun to make her feel special. Pregnancy is often filled with uncomfortable physical changes and hormonal roller coasters, making it all the more fantastic to receive a gift that’s both thoughtful and comforting. Whether you’re shopping for your friend’s baby shower or just giving her something to say congratulations, check out our ten best gift ideas for pregnant friends and family.  We guarantee pregnant moms everywhere will swoon! On a budget? Many of our ideas can be modified to fit all price ranges, because fabulosity shouldn’t break the bank.

1. A Trimester Gift Box by Ecocentric Mom

No matter where she is in her pregnancy, a gift box suited to her stage of pregnancy is going to deliver a much-needed pick-me up. Ecocentric Mom has curated our trimester gift boxes specifically for the most common feelings & issues experienced by many mamas as they grow their human. The First Trimester box offers mineral-enriched bath salts and nausea relief options while the Second Trimester Box is a perfect TLC-laden offering for those middle months. Close to her due date? She's getting lots of baby items but don't forget about mama! The Third Trimester can really be the hardest - send her a box of goodness to make it fly by.

Price: $54.99

Budget Friendly Tip: Use code TRIMESTERSALE for $7 off any Trimester box. No subscription, this is a single purchase item

2. Naturally Vain Revived and Restored Bath Salts

Sometimes a warm bath is all a mama-to-be needs to reset and restore herself! These pregnancy safe bath salts by Naturally Vain are made with natural ingredients like pure bump-safe essential oils for scent . None of those fake colors and scents for your favorite mom-to-be! 

Buy the Bath Salts

Price: $13.99

3. Prenatal Massage

A safe prenatal massage is one of our favorites ways to pamper pregnant moms. Not only are they great for back and joint pain typically experienced during pregnancy, but they are also known to improve circulation and reduce swelling. Make sure you choose a massage therapist who is licensed and experienced with massages during pregnancy.

Price: $60+, varies by location

Budget Friendly Tip: If gifting a massage is out of your price range, consider purchasing a natural product for your friend’s partner to massage her with throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum period. She’ll thank you!

4. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is beautiful, but it doesn’t come without some uncomfortable physical changes. Many pregnant moms experience back and joint pain, as well as difficulty sleeping. Couple these physical changes with hormonal shifts, and your bestie will often be feeling less than stellar. Gift her a comfortable and functional pregnancy pillow, like the Organic Smart Snoogle Chic, to help her get some much needed rest.

Price: $54.29

5. Comfortable Slippers

The joys of pregnancy unfortunately don’t end with backaches and joint pain. With the shift in gravity coupled with extra weight and swelling, your friend’s feet will probably ache more than usual. Squeezing them into her favorite heels is likely not an option, so consider getting her some comfortable slippers. Bonus – she can wear them to the hospital when she delivers, as well as around the house during those exhausting newborn days. Shop small and consider slippers such as Siamese Dream Design’s cozy slippers, handmade made from ethnic Naga cotton and other vegan materials.

Price: $50

6. Sonogram Picture Frame

Your friend will love the idea of keeping a cherished sonogram picture on display for friends and family as she waits for her little one’s debut. This Bonnie Marcus gender neutral frame is magnetized, so it’s perfect on the refrigerator or propped on a table. It also makes a great centerpiece or display at a baby shower. We love the Magnet Sonogram Frame’s trendy and modern design, too!

Price: $6

7. Prenatal Yoga Class or DVD

Does your bestie live near a yoga studio that offers prenatal classes? If so, consider booking her a class or two so she can get out of the house and relax. Yoga has some great prenatal benefits, such as toning important muscle groups needed during labor and delivery. If her location or schedule doesn’t permit a class, consider purchasing her a prenatal Yoga DVD such as the Vinyasa Workout with Julie Schoen, where she can work out in the comfort of her home.  Check out our post on why prenatal yoga is so great.

Price of Class: $15+, varies by location

Price of DVD: $17.99

8. Cravings Gift Basket

Once the mom to be has her prenatal vitamins sorted, it's time to satisfy her pregnancy cravings! If you’re a creative, DIY type of friend, grab a cute basket at a local craft store and fill it with some her favorite healthy treats that she’s been craving. Everything from organic chocolate to a jar of pickles will be delicious and heartfelt.

Price: Variable depending on products chosen, usually $20+

9. Maternity Photo Shoot

Give the gift of treasured memories before the baby arrives. Contact a local photographer and arrange for or contribute towards a photo shoot for your favorite mama to be. If she has other kids at home, most photographers will allow a few family and sibling shots with the package.

Price: $50+, varies by photographer

Budget Friendly Tip: If gifting a photo shoot is out of your price range, contact photography students at a local university in her area. Many are willing to work for a much lower cost to gain some experience and build their portfolios.

10. Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Pregnancy Gift Subscription Box


We saved the best for last! Subscription boxes are great – it’s like having a birthday every month! Ecocentric Mom offers monthly boxes tailored to your friend's due date all the way up to her baby's 3rd birthday. They also choose only the highest quality, eco-friendly products for their customers. Gift your friend an Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Box subscription for a fun way to celebrate motherhood!

Price: $39.99/Month

Join or gift

Budget Friendly Tip: Use code WELCOME5 to get $5 off any subscription plan.

When choosing a gift for your pregnant friend, keep in mind the importance of a healthy pregnancy. When possible, choose gifts that are natural and eco-friendly to give your friend and her new baby the best possible start. Our budget friendly tips and ideas also make it easy to stay within a comfortable price range without compromising health or quality. Which gift do you think your favorite mama-to-be will love most?

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