10 Items for Creating the Green Nursery of Your Dreams


10 Items for Creating the Green Nursery of Your Dreams

It is physically impossible for us as parents to protect our young ones from every chemical out there in the world. Still, we can create a sanctuary for our babies with the eco-friendly nursery of our dreams. As with every passion project, you need to invest some time and conduct proper research to create a nursery that is truly green. Though it seems daunting, it is easier than you think! The following list will help you get started.

Your Green Nursery Checklist

Start with the walls – Walls are the first thing parents should focus on in the nursery, so that the smell of paint will be non-existent by the time the baby comest. If you live in an older home, consider hiring a professional to scrape off the old paint, which might contain lead. When it comes to choosing your paint, go for the purest one.

Opt for wallpaper – When you need something better than paint, wallpaper is your next option to create dreamy walls. Choose breathable fabrics to keep mildew and mold away from the room. Vinyl is a great option for wallpaper fabric — choose one that is VOC, POC, and PVC free.

Clear the floor – Floors completely covered in carpet may keep the room cozy, but carpet can be laden with chemicals. Opt for tile or even better, wood or eco-friendly cork floors for a cleaner space. If you still want the feel of a carpet, find carpets that are handmade and that can be easily cleaned, which helps keep the dust away from your baby.

Invest in a crib – Your baby will spend a great deal of time in her crib, so take care when it comes to choosing the right one. Naturally made cribs are ideal, but if these are out of your budget, you still have other greener options. Old or second-hand cribs that are still safe to carry babies are budget-friendly, eco pieces you can opt for. You can paint the crib with the purest paint and have it look like new.

Find an organic mattress ­– Eco perfection is in the details. If you want to create the ultimate green nursery, then don’t skimp on the mattress. Choose an organic one that grows with your baby (i.e. turns into a toddler mattress)  like this one by Bio Sleep Concept!


Use natural fabrics like linen – When it comes to bedding, don’t stop at the mattress and crib. Find natural linen for your baby’s bedding so your crib can be eco-friendly from top to bottom. We love Wholesome Linen products, such as this beautiful tiny toddler pillow and eco-friendly sleep sack.

Repurpose old furniture – Give the nursery character and charm by repurposing old furniture, rather than buying modern pieces. Paint the furniture a soft neutral color, add new knobs, and turn that forgotten piece into a showstopper.

Decorate with the right accessories ­– Hunt thrift stores for old mirrors or frames. Browse through Etsy for the sweetest handmade pieces or invest in pieces made from recyclable materials. Mix and match the accessories throughout the room for a stunning display. One cute idea we love is using your baby’s Milestone Stickers as wall decoration after they’ve been used. You can frame them as your baby grows alongside that month’s photo memory.

Don’t forget the toys – From non-toxic handmade dolls to wooden trains, green toys are not to be forgotten — especially because our babies will have direct contact with these pieces. Made with care, these toys are often more robust than commercial ones. Shop our curated collection of the best eco baby and toddler toys.

Stock up on organic and natural products – From natural diaper cream to the nappies, stock up on organic and natural baby products in your nursery. Have things be easy to grab when you are handling your baby.

There you have it, the ten most important pieces to help you create a dreamy and safe eco-friendly nursery. Have you tried creating your own eco-nursery? Was it challenging? Share your thoughts below!

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