4 All-Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year


4 All-Natural Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

This year, make a New Year’s resolution you can stick to by committing to making a change that will benefit your looks, your health – and the earth. We’re talking about vowing to make a difference in your beauty routine by focusing on eco-friendly and natural products and methods. To get you started, we’ve compiled four simple, beauty-boosting resolutions you’ll want to get started on right away:

Experiment with facial oils

Facial oils have been around for centuries and for good reason. These oils and serums are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, both of which are key to maintaining a healthful and youthful glow. Oils are protective and work to nourish and refresh the skin after exposure to fluctuating temperatures, illness, and pollution. The right oil can be reparative and healing, helping to pave the way for active ingredients to reach deeper into the skin.

Ecocentric Mom Tip: There are plenty of facial oil blends on the market which promote all-natural beauty. We suggest sampling your way through a few before committing for the long haul. For single-ingredient carrier oils that promise to moisturize and nourish, look to argan, avocado, calendula, rose hip, or jojoba oils. Just after cleansing when skin is still damp, pat oil into your skin to lock in moisture.

Drink more Water

Keeping hydrated and consuming more water seems to be the cure for all our ills. After all, our bodies are more than 60 percent water, with all our organs depending on the stuff to function optimally. Dehydration makes us tired and unfocused – and it makes our skin appear, dry, flaky and dull. On the other hand, when you consume the recommended amount of water each day, which equates to about 2.2 liters, you’ll see the effects mirrored in supple, moisturized, and glowing skin.

Ecocentric Mom Tip: We know you’re busy and keeping an eye on water consumption throughout the day is the last thing on your mind. Do yourself a favor and pick up two, eco-friendly reusable water bottles totaling 2 liters. Fill them up first thing in the morning and keep them handy, sipping on them as the day unfolds. As you turn in for the night, drink an extra glass to round out the day’s total.

Wear sunscreen

Slathering on a full spectrum sunblock is one of the best things you can do for your skin each day. The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that 90 percent of skin aging can be attributed to sun damage. So wearing a daily sunscreen can save you from looking years older down the line.

Ecocentric Mom tip: Choose an all-natural sunblock to avoid potentially harmful chemicals and do your body good. Natural sunscreens make use of beneficial UV-blocking minerals titanium and zinc, which sit atop the skin acting as a barrier. These eco-friendly sunblocks only require one application a day, whereas their chemical laden counterparts need to reapplied throughout the day to maintain their efficacy.

Eat beautifully

Our moms have been telling us this one for ages: You are what you eat. If that maxim holds true, then fill your plate with beautiful whole fruits and vegetables to radiate a healthful glow. Carotenoid coloration – a skin tint brought on by consuming the recommended five servings of veggies each day – has shown to improve a person’s attractiveness to others. That’s what one study from Cambridge University surmised after surveying 60 participants and asking them to rate how attractive they found people depicted in a series of photos. Participants overwhelmingly agreed that the people who had a slight orange glow from proper veggie consumption were more attractive than others.

Ecocentric Mom Tip: It’s not always easy to include enough vegetables in your meals, especially if you have picky eaters around. Bulk up your breakfast’s nutritional profile by whipping up a veggie-packed smoothie. Experimenting with different flavors can be fun, too. To start, try a base of organic spinach, almond milk, lemon, and apple. Add berries to sweeten and lemon to detoxify.

Now tell us, how will you be upping your natural beauty game in the New Year? Share your plans in the comments below. 

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