5 safe, natural remedies to help kids get over colds and flu


Cold and flu season is here. Find out how to soothe your baby the safe and natural way.


Encourage your son or daughter to drink plenty of fluids. For breastfed babies, this means offering the breast several times a day. Including extra nursing sessions not only pushes fluids on your little one, but releases antibodies to help your baby get over whatever bug he or she is fighting. Nursing is also a source of comfort for babies, and there’s nothing a child needs more when under the weather! If a stuffy nose is hampering a nursing session, use a saline nasal spray before each feeding to help your little one breathe with ease. For older children, water and diluted juice can help keep them hydrated, as one of the natural remedies that is good for well-being all of the time. .


Help lubricate your little one’s throat and nasal passages by keeping the air humid. Set up a cool mist humidifier in his or her room at night and nap times. Before bed, run the shower on hot and let the bathroom get steamy, cuddling your little one for 10 – 15 minutes while the water runs. For an added congestion-clearing kick, try hanging a sprig of eucalyptus in your shower. Also, cranking up your heat will dry out your air at home, contributing to your baby’s cough and sore throat. Be sure to keep your heat no higher than a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


Prop one end of your baby’s crib up by 2 inches to elevate his or her head during sleep. Doing so will help ease congestion. Place wide books beneath the crib legs – or place a folded blanket beneath one end of the mattress. Never use blankets or pillows inside the crib, as these present a suffocation hazard.


A baby fighting a cold may spike a fever. Most pediatricians advise allowing low grade fevers to run their course, as they aid in helping babies shake off infection. However, contact your child’s doctor right away if you feel something is wrong – or if your child’s fever hits 102 degrees Fahrenheit, if he or she is extremely fussy, lethargic or unresponsive.

To bring down a fever naturally, run a tepid bath for your baby. Letting your little one soak in a lukewarm bath will help bring down his or her body temperature. Dress your child in light layers and try placing a cool washcloth across the forehead or nape of neck. Be advised that in most instances, Tylenol is safe to administer, though for children under 2 you’ll need to contact your doctor for safe dosing instructions.


Help your son or daughter get one step closer to breathing easier with a saline nasal spray and aspirator or bulb syringe. One note: because using a nasal aspirator or bulb syringe can trigger your little one’s gag reflex, do your best to try this method before your baby nurses. Otherwise you might have a case of spit-up on your hands, in addition to that runny nose and fever. An over the counter saline spray will help moisturize the nasal passages, while an aspirator or bulb can eliminate some of the mucus causing your child discomfort.

Having a sick baby at home can be one of the toughest experiences for a new mom. Have you been through it? What are some of the natural remedies you’ve employed to help your kids feel better faster? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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