5 Ways to Overcome the Mommy Blues


5 Ways to Overcome the Mommy Blues

While balance is a reflection of an inward place, being stuck in overwhelm or confusion or just weighed down by the mommy blues is not a favorable place. Do you agree? So much in the world around tries seeks our attention as a way to recover from our woes, from the latest diet to workout craze, new toddler toys or clothes, or just the temptation to take off even though life is here-now.

As women, we can only know that part of us that needs taming is on-and-on, otherwise, want to woo it back. What are ways you calm the sense of too much of everyone and not being able to find your feet back on the ground?

As moms, we try to mask the anxiety by acting not crazy. But then, that only stirs up more crazy thoughts, feelings, and re-actions (the ones you want to do over). We are here to invite the soothing, nurturing time for yourself forth in to life, as a necessary part of the process.

Make Lists

While not everyone practices keeping track of to-do’s, it’s a simple art really that is easy to implement and a time-saver to boot. We suggest first thing in the morning, before the day gets on it’s way, to write it down, baby.

Write in a Journal

We are not all so gifted to know our innermost whispers such as Ann Lamott. That dialogue, we can confirm, lives within each and every one of us. It is an exercise in truth-telling to sit and write down what is going on beneath the surface of our anxiety. Write it down to get it off your chest and chart your course for becoming who you are meant to be.

Connect with Nature

Green spaces are not only eye candy, they help the brain settle. Allow yourself space each day to day dream in nature, gazing out the window or even for a short walk or a longer hike once in a while.

Restore Your Mind

A short meditation does wonders for the mind, by allowing the dust to settle, or excess energy to find a place to rest within the beautifully complex brain-scope. Take time out to breathe deeply, with others in a yoga class or at home in a safe and comfortable nook, away from distractions (especially phone and computer).

Pay Attention

To whatever area of life is driving you a bit nuts (or that’s been swept aside). Lean in to that place that wants to avoid it, and just take one simple action. Eat one good meal, balanced and slowly. Clear one area of clutter, or spend 5 minutes cleaning, daily. Save receipts, write down what you would like to change.

Share With Friends (or just say, no)

Let us know your tactics and techniques for shaking off the mommy blues, lightening up, and not sweating the small stuff in the comments below! We would love to hear from you your way of regaining your deepest self.

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