How to Travel Green This Summer


Traveling green and to places of nature’s bounty teaches kids to appreciate having fun in the outdoors.

How to Travel Green This Summer 

Drive to beautiful places in nature to catch the view

Why not use your vacation time as a chance to teach your kids the wonder of the earth and the enjoyment nature provides? Plan your vacation well with green in mind for an whole hearted vacation which you will feel good about for years to come.


Some hotels will provide a reminder to hang towels you want to keep. Another way to conserve is by using up all of the toiletries provided, or taking them home with you and using for a trip in the future. Bring along reusable water bottles to fill on-the-go.

Bike in town or through a park for exercise and exploration

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Take advantage of public transportation to discover more about a larger city. Wandering by foot or exploring a new place through a walking tour is an excellent way to get fit on holiday and see the sights while breathing fresh air.

Notice EMF’s

While being away from home, you may not notice keeping lights on or the television, but save energy by turning the lights and tv off and unplugging electronics, and turn down ac & heater when leaving the hotel for a day.

Read About the Environment

Read books about the place you are traveling to prior to your trip, and even bring along books about nature and the planet to inspire your kids to think about the Earth.

Go Digital

If possible prior to flying, check-in online and download your boarding passes to a handheld device. Use  maps also on a device when traveling by car or in a new place.

Travel Light

We all have a packing m.o., which may change depending on where, when and how you are traveling. Aim to pack larger items in the bottom of your suitcase or bag, and “roll” clothing as you pack it to make space. Pack less than you think you may need, one less pair of shoes or shirt, to leave room for the possibility of finding a special take-home treasure. Did you know the less you bring onto an airplane, the more fuel that is saved? Even the smallest things, such as a magazine or toiletries make a difference.

Non Stop Flights

Saving money is of course a priority to have, and also to conserve. Taking non-stop flights is just one other way to conserve earth’s resources and time while traveling.

How do you travel green? Even around town, do you notice your impact your choices have on the environment, community, your health such as buying locally or biking to an errand? See travel as a macrocosm for your life, and an opportunity to practice conservation and discovery.

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