Love Life: 5 Simple Self Care Ideas

Love Life: 5 Simple Self Care Ideas

Self care to enjoy life!

Once you know, you know. Like trying something new and realizing it works, or being reminded to do something that is good for you, such as drinking more water or getting extra sleep and feeling the rewards. As women, we can complicate life and our self care by worrying about what, when, how and why, and missing chances to just feel blessings that surround us. Which is why we are all about making life more efficient and healthful, all the while our skin and bodies radiant, through the use of natural products.

The products shared through Ecocentric Mom Boxes are all natural, non-toxic, sustainable and good-for-you. While everyone is busy, consider the time and energy it saves when you reduce toxins in your home and beauty routine? We are sharing something exciting through our “Detox Your Beauty Routine” free download coming soon to the website. As well, included below are a few daily self care ideas and habits to save time, energy and reduce toxins and to feel better in mind and body.

1. Drink plenty of water. Drink water throughout the day, you might not even notice needing to which is why it is good to establish a habit of doing so. Carry a favorite water bottle, or even an empty juice bottle, to remember to have water on you when on-the-go. Sip amply to feel well.

2. Stretch. Little do we realize, but sometimes the body to stand up taller and breathe a bit deeper, needs to lie it’s little self onto a mat on the ground, and deeply stretch and breathe into the bones.

3. Rest. A good, solid nap or night’s sleep does wonders for the brain, skin, hormones, and belly.

4. Eat. More. Plants. The cells love movement, water, and life-force. Foods grown in the ground become life for the body, bringing breath and balance into the cells. Aim for more plants, less processed to feel good. 

5. Reduce Junk. Cutting down on buying unnecessary items such as new shoes when you have too many, helps circulate energy in ways you may not notice but that is true. The world does not want us to worry about what to wear, it wants us to wear what we wear with our head held high, not with too much weighing us down.

The more you let go of toxins in the home and body, the easier it is to live life more fully. We are happy to share with you ways to feel better each day through simple self care habits. Please share in the comments below what works for you to de-sludge in body, home, mind and life.

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