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When it comes to bathing babies, new moms are full of questions such as – “How did the midwife say to wash my baby?” “Exactly how much shampoo do I need to use?” “How can I get my baby to stop crying in the bath?” Bathing your new can certainly be intimidating. Babies are wiggly and […]

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It’s no secret that we always want to do what’s best for our babies. After all, it’s second nature to keep our children healthy and happy. As a parent, you’re probably aware of the large selection of new products claiming to be just what your baby needs — but how much do you really know […]

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The first time you see your baby after he or she is born is nothing short of magical. Did you know, though, that your new baby’s vision is only in black, white, and gray tones? At birth, your child’s eyesight is not fully developed. Read on to learn about your baby’s vision in their first six […]

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Natural healing after a c-section is possible. Whether your c-section was elective or a necessary result of an emergency, recovery can be difficult. Most c-sections take two full weeks to heal, and sometimes longer depending on several factors related to the mother’s health and any complications. Thankfully, there is natural support for healing after a cesarean that can […]

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Remember the first OB visit when you initially found out you were pregnant? You likely faced an information overload from your clinician that was impossible to retain. The doctor often rattles off a long list of medications to avoid now that you’re expecting, which may have resembled a frazzled waitress listing off 15 different salad dressings.

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