• Coconut Oil Use in Pregnancy and Beyond

    Coconut Oil Use in Pregnancy and Beyond
    We are crazy about coconut oil and its many uses, from the kitchen pantry to your vanity as part of your beauty regimen. In fact, we love it so much that we featured it in our Ecocentric Mom August 2016 Pregnancy Box. Coconut oil is especially beneficial in pregnancy, serving many purposes to help boost […]
  • 10 Best Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend

    10 Best Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Friend
    There are few things in life better than watching your best girlfriend become a mom. Whether you have kids, yourself, and are serving as her guide or are as scared and clueless as she is, it’s fun to make her feel special. Pregnancy is often filled with uncomfortable physical changes and hormonal roller coasters, making […]
  • Essential Oils During Pregnancy

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    Essential Oils During Pregnancy
    So, you’ve made the leap from mass-market products to natural, nontoxic and are feeling pretty good about eliminating toxins from your daily routine. Now, you’re pregnant. Yay! You’ve already rid your routine of nasty chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients for your new baby, right? Well, the answer is…kind of. As you may have discovered, essential oils […]
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