Coconut Oil Use in Pregnancy and Beyond


Coconut Oil Use in Pregnancy and Beyond

We are crazy about coconut oil and its many uses, from the kitchen pantry to your vanity as part of your beauty regimen. In fact, we love it so much that we featured it in our Ecocentric Mom August 2016 Pregnancy Box. Coconut oil is especially beneficial in pregnancy, serving many purposes to help boost hydration and optimize health. We especially love Kelapo Coconut Oil and support the company’s mission to source organic coconuts from Serendipol, not only to give us access to a quality product, but to improve the economic conditions in developing countries by encouraging fair trade. Are you pregnant or know someone who is? Read on to discover all the ways to use coconut oil not only during pregnancy, but for when baby arrives, too!

For Mom During Pregnancy:

An everyday health supplement. Though we always want you to ask your healthcare provider before beginning a new vitamin or supplement, a small serving of coconut oil can help with a wide array of benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and boosting immunity. This is especially great to ward off any illnesses during pregnancy, since unwanted germs can make for a miserable mama.

Prevent stretch marks. Stretch mark prevention creams can be expensive. Opt for a jar of coconut oil instead. Slather onto your growing baby several times daily to help keep the skin hydrated and stretch marks at bay.

In the bath. Warm baths during pregnancy are soothing, especially for your growing, stretching body. Add some coconut oil to your bath to keep yourself hydrated and lower stress levels.

Tame your locks. Sometimes pregnancy hormones can result in some crazy, untamed hair. Run some coconut oil through your tresses as a safe, natural way to tame frizz and keep your hair looking smooth.

Chapped lips. Are pregnancy hormones leaving your lips dry? Coconut oil makes a great natural lip balm and will boost hydration.

A natural face mask. Pregnancy is beautiful, but sometimes it can leave you with unwanted acne or irritated skin. Add some coconut oil to a homemade face mask for some awesome benefits. It is naturally rich in healthy acids and antioxidants, thereby killing acne-causing bacteria. Here’s a great and easy recipe:

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons raw honey
  • ½ teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Combine ingredients thoroughly in a mixing bowl, apply to skin, allow to sink in for 10 minutes, and rinse with cold water.

Combat indigestion. Pregnancy can leave you suffering from heartburn and indigestion as everything shifts around. Down a spoonful of coconut oil to safely combat this without the chemicals found in traditional antiacids.

Reduce tearing. When applied to the perineum for several weeks before birth, coconut oil can prevent tearing during labor and delivery. As always, discuss with your clinician before beginning any new product.

Curb constipation. Pregnancy hormones and prenatal vitamins can really trigger constipation. Take a spoonful or two of coconut oil a day to keep things moving.

Morning sickness. Coconut oil can help balance blood sugar, so consider taking some in the morning or whenever sickness sets in.

For Your New Arrival:

Combat cradle cap. Does your baby suffer from a stubborn cradle cap that won’t go away? Smooth on some coconut oil and brush your baby’s scalp gently with a soft bristled brush. It’ll be gone before you know it.

Diaper rash cream alternative. Diaper rash creams can be pricy and full of unwanted chemicals. Opt for a jar of coconut oil instead. The antimicrobial properties are sure to keep funky germs at bay, too.

Nipple cream. Nipple creams are essential in those early days, but the expense can add up quickly. Skip the hefty price tag and often unwanted ingredients and opt for coconut oil as a healthy alternative that is safe for baby.

Soothe eczema and baby acne. Does your little one have one of these common skin issues? Coconut oil can often help soothe and tame it.

Boost your milk supply. Taking at least 3.5 tablespoons a day may help to increase your milk supply.

Teething relief. Parents are constantly searching for safe remedies for the dreaded teething days. Rub some coconut oil on your baby’s gums as a natural way to decrease pain.

Ease congestion. Combine coconut oil with safe essential oils for a natural vapor rub that’s gentle on baby and good for relief during sickness.

Always remember to consult your and your child’s healthcare provider before beginning any new supplement. Which ways will you and your baby use coconut oil?

coconut oil use in pregnancy and beyond

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