Best Organic Baby Products for the Earth-Friendly New Mom


 Best Organic Baby Products for the Earth-Friendly New Mom

You’ve read all the baby books and chatted with all of your mama friends, but nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood. You’re looking to fill your nursery with unique products that align with your eco-friendly vibe. You’re conscious of the products you use for your family because you want to uphold your values and strive for organic without breaking the bank.

Choosing baby items can be overwhelming sometimes. With so many different products and shops available to you, how do you whittle your options down to some truly fabulous ones that you and your baby will love? We have come up with some fantastic must-haves that you will be thankful to add to your nursery. Not only are they organic and natural, but they will also fit a wide array of budgets. Check out these great ideas for yourself or as a gift for the eco-friendly mama in your life.

1. Ecocentric Mom Subscription for the Mom & Baby Box

Ecocentric Mom Subscription

We love subscription boxes and think that ours is pretty great – it’s fun to receive something for yourself each month, especially as a new mom. The Ecocentric Mom box is filled with eco-friendly products that are great for you and baby. You’ll discover some amazing brands that you didn’t know how you lived without. Bonus: you are also supporting small businesses!

Price: $24.95/box, subscription can vary based on length

2. Marama Naturals 

The eco-friendly Baby Essentials Bundle is loved by moms everywhere. It’s practical for baby, and you will rejoice that the ingredients of the enclosed products contain zero toxins. The kit includes a body wash/shampoo combo, baby diaper cream, lotion, and a cool sprayable powder.

Price: $59.99

3. Thinkbaby All in One Bottle Set


With so many different bottles and sippy cups on the market, it can be stressful to sift through them and figure out which one will work best for your family. The Thinkbaby All In One Bottle Set comes with various staged nipples and tops that are suitable from birth to 48 months – it is the only bottle and cup your baby will need! Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both, this is the single bottle you will need for all of your baby’s stages.

Price: $24.99

4. Happy Baby Organic Soothing Stick


If your little one suffers from drool rash or irritated newborn skin, the Happy Baby Organic Soothing Stick will carry you through the new baby days and beyond. This natural product contains soothing calendula and other beneficial ingredients that are safe for baby for both the face and body. It is also hypoallergenic and pediatrician approved!

Price: $10.00

5. Baby Move Prune Concentrate with Prebiotics from Wellements Baby


Sometimes the best products are the ones that are most practical. Constipation is one of the most common frustrations amongst new moms, so a safe and natural supplement to help get things moving might be just what your baby needs from time to time. The Baby Move is comprised of an organic, pediatrician recommended formula that is sure to support baby’s digestion and help prevent constipation. You’ll be glad you got it!

Price: $11.49

6. Diapering Bundle with Biodegradable Disposable Diapers by Poof, Seventh Generation Wipes and Weleda White Mallow Diaper Cream


Are you an eco-friendly mama who also enjoys the convenience of disposable diapers and wipes? Grab some Poof diapers, the first biodegradable disposable diapers on the market that help prevent diaper rash, blowouts, and nighttime leaks. These silky diapers are gentle on the most sensitive of bottoms and pair great with Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes that are free of alcohol and dyes. Round out the bundle with some super-safe and gentle diaper cream by Marama. This diapering bundle makes a great combination that green mamas like you will love.

Price for Poof Diapers: $80.00 for case of four packages

Price for Seventh Generation Wipes: $30.00 for six pack of wipes

7. Organic Gripe Water by Wellements Baby


Upset tummies are a common complaint of new moms. Organic Gripe Water by Wellements Baby is an old world formula that is proven to work for upset stomachs that are often associated with colic, hiccups, and teething. Bonus: this organic formula is safe and natural for the eco-conscious mama who is concerned about keeping her baby’s environment free of toxins. This Gripe Water is sure to be a savior  during those crying spells. Consider bundling it with the above Baby Move Prune Concentrate for a much-needed pack that you will be grateful to have on hand.

Price: $9.65

8. Baja Baby Wash Bundle


Great for newborn skin and beyond, the Baja Baby Lavender Gift Set is a soothing scented, natural and safe bathing bundle for every mom who wants to be confident that she’s bathing her baby in goodness. The Gift Set contains everything you need to get started with bathing a newborn: shampoo, conditioning cream & body lotion. Baja Baby products contain natural and organic ingredients that are safe for even the tiniest of babies. You will love the ingredients list and your baby’s soft, silky newborn skin.

Price of Gift Set: $44.95

9. Baby Mess Kit

products for earth friendly new mom

Babies make messes – this much is inevitable. The green mama will naturally be conscious of the ingredients list of her cleaning products because she wants to give her baby the best possible start. Dapple Baby Cleaning Products will put your mind at ease, and there are many great and useful ones to choose from. Consider bundling the Dapple Baby Stain Remover Spray, Nursery Cleaner Spray, Fragrance Free Pacifier Wipes, and Baby Safe Laundry Detergent. This allows you to tackle all baby’s messes, safely and naturally.

Price: Varies by item, averages $6-10

10. Natural Rubber Paci & Teething Set from Hevea

Every eco-conscious mom will appreciate that Hevea uses natural rubber as the foundation of their product range, rather than synthetic rubber made from oil. This cuts back on the use of fossil fuels and is a biodegradable, sustainable resource. Their adorable Kawan Teether and Star & Moon pacifier make a cute little starter bundle for the earth-friendly new mom. Bundle 

Price: $10.00-15.00

When selecting products, keep in mind the importance of choosing items that are free of toxins and healthy for both you and baby. Remember, too, that it truly is the little things – like laundry and body wash – that you will be so grateful for as an Earth-friendly new mom. Which one of these unique products do you love most?

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