The 5-step makeup routine you need to look fresh-faced every day — while taking care of a newborn


The 5-step makeup routine you need to look fresh-faced every day — while taking care of a newborn

Once you have a baby, many women find themselves facing a growing list of various insecurities. Many scrutinize their post-baby bodies and feel self-conscious about still wearing maternity clothes. There’s also the guilt of wanting to take a break from your baby, as well as the guilt following the frustration you feel when you can’t decipher your baby’s needs.

A ten minute beauty routine can be a lifesaver. It can boost your confidence and make you feel ready to face the day, regardless of how many diaper changes there are or the number of mysterious stains you find on your shirt sleeves. The following regimen is a quick and easy five-step makeup routine that you can adopt to get your face ready for the day with your new baby.

Prep your skin

The right moisturizer for your skin paired with an age-appropriate eye cream to help with dark circles are essential to encouraging hydrated and youthful skin. Experts recommend that you find a moisturizer containing caffeine and green tea to give your skin an extra kick to fight the exhaustion and puffiness from sleep deprivation. If you have another minute to spare, you can also try cold teaspoons (place them in the freezer overnight) to help decrease the swelling under your eyes.

5-step makeup routine

Playing with pencils

You might have heard that white liner applied to the waterline helps make your eyes appear more open. Instead, opt for a nude colored pencil for the same effect, but in a more subtle way. “Nude is less obvious than white,” explains makeup artist Allie Clark. “Skin-toned liner on the waterline helps to open the eyes, making them appear bigger and more awake.”

Open those lashes

Invest in a good mascara that will wiggle in between your lashes and help give you that wide-eyed look. Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua recommends making sure that your mascara is no more than a month old because “fresh mascara glides on easier and won’t flake.” Many women find that their mascara can still work magic after a month, which is more than acceptable – but try to avoid chunky lashes, or your makeup will appear as though it was applied the night before.

5-step makeup routine

Go for tint

A tinting product for your cheeks and lips is a time saver that will bring fresh color to your face, even if you forgot the last time you left the house. Revlon global artistic director Gucci Westman explains that “a creamy, opaque pink with a bit of gold in it [will help] to brighten the face; whether you’re fair or have a darker skin tone, pink will work on everyone.”

Darken your eyebrows

The final step in this makeup routine, and one that should not be skipped, is to darken your eyebrows. “The one thing a mom can do to look more polished, as well as brighten and lift the eye area is to have her eyebrows shaped and waxed (or plucked), then darken in remaining brows with a compact powder a shade or two darker than the natural brow,” says best-selling author Kami Gray. Your eyebrows will frame your face and give you a striking look.

You are likely not planning an outing anytime soon, and the most glamorous part of your day just might consist of laundry and breastfeeding. Catching a quick glimpse of yourself in the mirror, though, and having a fresh face staring back at you is enough to make you feel a little more human. It may be just a quick 5-step makeup routine, but if it makes you feel confident enough to face the days ahead that are often burdened with worry and self-doubt, it truly is so much more.

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