4 tips for eco-friendlier holiday feasts

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4 tips for eco-friendlier holiday feasts

4 tips for eco-friendlier holiday feasts

Family gatherings are the heart of the holidays. With many a celebration on the horizon, we’re giving thought to the many ways we can take it easy on the earth this season. As you and yours plan your upcoming feasts and fetes, consider these tips for a simpler, eco-friendlier affair:

Choose seasonal veggies
The autumn months bring with them an abundance of fresh, hearty vegetables. When planning your holiday feasts, stick to what’s in season for your side dishes. Eating seasonally not only ensures a tastier, more nourishing meal, but it’s better for the environment and your local farmers too. This Thanksgiving, fill your table, and your family’s bellies, with butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens.

Buy a pasture-raised turkey
Bonus points if your Thanksgiving centerpiece is local, too! A turkey raised with enough room to roam is sure to be tastier and far juicier than its confined counterparts. Nothing is quite as delicious as the humane treatment of animals, right? Beware of misleading labels like “all-natural” and “free range,” neither of which has been defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nix the cans and extra packaging
Send less to the landfill this season with a few simple switches. Choose fresh veggies over canned; use dried beans in place of canned, and skip the tetra-packed soup stock in favor of making your own.

Say no to disposables
While it can be tempting to set your table with paper napkins, pulling out the table linens is always a good idea. Not only do cloth napkins add elegance to your feast, but they’ll also save a host of paper from being sent to the trash. Short on cash? Buy secondhand! Resale shops, estate sales and garage sales can unearth a treasure trove of beautiful and affordable table decor.

Are you hosting a holiday party this season? Share with us your tips for making it green!

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