Breathe easy: 3 simple, natural ways to purify your home


unnamed (2)A simple truth about babies: They bring out the worrier in us. As moms, we worry our babies don’t sleep enough, don’t eat enough, don’t hit the developmental milestones quickly enough. Whatever our worry (and they sure are varied) motherhood has a way of putting the pressure on. But here at Ecocentric Mom, we’re here to lighten your load so that you can focus on all the good stuff, from the first smile to the first report card. Let’s start on your path to breathing easy with three little ways to make your home safer, cleaner, and happier for you and your little one. Worry about a clean, environmentally conscious home? Go ahead and cross that one off the list!

Go green
Make like NASA and turn to the humble houseplant to improve the air quality in your home. Following a recent study carried out at the space station, the program has put together the definitive shopping list for anyone in the market for an air-purifying houseplant. From the peace lily to the gerbera daisy and bamboo palm, these potted greens promise to filter the air, increase oxygen and absorb dangerous toxins lurking in your home. Pop one in your nursery for a boost of fresher air, but be sure to keep your new plant out of your little one’s reach.

Ditch the plastic
Head to the recycling bin! The National Institutes of Health has raised an eyebrow at the plastic industry, citing research that even BPA-free plastics contain potentially hazardous, synthetic estrogens. Purchasing anything from baby bottles to baby spoons? Choose glass, metal, or bamboo—all materials that can be processed without toxic chemicals, making them better for baby and the environment too.

Do it yourself
Safeguard your family’s health by mixing up your own household cleaners. Conventional products can contain potentially toxic ingredients, be irritating to eyes and skin, and, after long term use, contribute to myriad health problems. Keep these cleaners out of your grocery cart and instead, bottle up your own blends at home: vinegar sanitizes, baking soda scrubs and essential oils like lemon and lavender make everything smell out of this world.

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