DIY: Simple, Healthful Baby Foods At Home


DIY Simple Healthy Baby Food

Just say no to processed baby food. There’s simply no reason to fill your grocery cart with jarred baby foods when there’s so many fresh organic fruits and vegetables available. After all, how nutritious can processed carrots be when they’re peppered with preservatives and shelf stable for a year or more? If the thought of making homemade baby food makes you break out in a cold sweat, never fear. With a few simple steps, preparing delicious, healthful food for your little one can be simple and fun!

Eat seasonally: Inspire your baby gourmet to be a good steward of the Earth by urging him or her to eat with the seasons. In the autumn, stock up on hearty root vegetables (think pumpkins, leafy greens, and yams). Bring apricots and plums to your table in the spring. Throughout summer, look to plump berries, juicy peaches, and crisp green beans. When winter strikes, warm his or her belly with buttercup squash, parsnips, and pears. By choosing what’s naturally in season, you’ll be introducing your baby to foods at the height of their flavor and nutritional value.

Spice it up: Don’t be afraid to add flavor to your little one’s foods. Delight his or her senses and let new tastes linger on his tongue by bringing your spice rack into the mix. Add a dash of cinnamon to a sweet potato puree, or a sprinkle of cumin to steamed and blended carrots. Cilantro and lemon jazz up a dish of silky avocado, and a scant teaspoon of butter adds depth and warmth to a plate of pumpkin. One reminder as you move forward: never add salt to your little one’s dishes! Added salt can put too much pressure on your baby’s immature kidneys.

Be simple: Stroll through any baby store and you’ll find gadgets aplenty, all promising to make your baby’s transition to solids easier on you. But who needs a food mill, baby steamer, or special puree-maker when you can make do with what you already have in your kitchen? Save cash and go minimal by steaming your veggies in a saucepan on the stove and pureeing with an ordinary blender. You can even skip the special baby food books, looking up recipes online or crafting simple food pairings on your own.

Do you make your own baby foods at home? What are your favorite flavor combinations? Try adding your favorite homemade baby foods or a delicious blend by Nurture Me, to an Eco Pouch for an on-the-go snack.

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