5 Natural Stress Relief Techniques


5 Natural Stress Relief Techniques

Being in tune with your body and the seasons of the Earth is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give to her self, her family and community. While being catered to is a good thing, such as having the friendly product discovery service Ecocentric Mom to supply healthy products you can rely on to support your busy lifestyle, cultivating a connection to your body and higher self will improve your life without a doubt and help you to stay grounded and nourished.

While not everyone can take 1-2 hours out of their day to get to a yoga or a barre class for community, connection and strength,  5 or 10 minutes throughout the day is simply right for a nugget of self-care time. Each of us may benefit from self-care in ways we can only feel, which is why tending within as a woman has so many benefits and rewards. It comes through as a glow, a sense of satisfaction, a deep inner knowing that we are well and that which no one may take away from us.


We have gathered together a few natural stress relief techniques to ignite a sense of wellbeing anytime, anyplace, within:


3-5 minutes of slow, deep breathing will calm the central nervous system and ease the mind from any woes or worries which may be lingering. Even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace.


A Walk

Walking any time of the day is beneficial to stretch the muscles and get the heart pumping. Especially after a meal, the body responds with waves of wellbeing to improve digestion and enhance metabolism. A short walk in the park can actually shift the brain into a calmer state, as well as boosts stress-busting endorphins and reduces fatigue. Invite a friend or a pet along for added benefits to reduce cortisol and lower blood pressure through shared attention with a beloved.


The cells are made up of water and circulate continuously to support detoxification. Dehydration can cause a decrease in energy levels, increased hunger, tiredness and symptoms associated with aging such as wrinkled skin and disrupted sleep patterns. Having water on hand and sipping throughout the day, as well as eating more water-based food such as fruits and veggies and soups rehydrates and nourishes the whole body to function well and supports you to look and feel more vibrant each day.


Deep stretching helps move toxins through the lymph system and create space within. Just a few rounds of sun salutes, or even a twist of the torso in your chair or a simple backbend is enough to love the body through a stressful encounter any day.

Yoga Mudra

Not everyone can practice yoga for 30 mins or more a day. 5 breaths in a “mudra” or a hand posture to circulate energy through the meridians is quite impactful on the body-mind for stress relief. These are a few mudras you may enjoy anytime, anywhere, for peace within.

What are your healthy stress relief swear by’s? Do you have a morning routine that keeps you balanced throughout the day, or a nighttime prayer to ease your heart at the end of a long day? Is there a fitness routine that works for your unique and beautiful body? Please share in the comments below your stress-releasing wisdom.

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