How You Can Practice Being Flexible


How You Can Practice Being Flexible

Letting go of control is sometimes as difficult of implementing a new activity to an already packed schedule. We can wake up and feel as if there is so much to do – which is usually a real thing – and also notice that while it’s a lot, it is also life, progressing. Sometimes slow, sometimes with more waves of change, and others with stability and then stagnation. Is is not always filled with activity, ups, downs and understandings and other times not?

Being flexibile is a skill as is being creative when otherwise thinking you should know. How. What. When. Or where? Thankfully a woman has a brain hardwired to be creative where men may tend more towards doing what needs to be done. While everyone is prone to mental agility, it is a skill that can be developed through practice and awareness.

A few ways flexibility is akin to happiness:

  • it is feeling free to do something else when one thing does not work.
  • it’s trying something and being forgiving when it doesn’t work (or falling out of a yoga pose with a smile)
  • accepting a broad perspective and being able to focus on the here and now
  • it’s finding a place inside of difficulty that accepts what is occurring
  • falling in love with yourself as you are, knowing that things change

What are ways you notice yourself being flexible (which may feel like an aha moment or an understanding that a perspective or behavior has changed significantly)? Is there an area that you know you could grow to become more flexible?

Below are some effective ways to practice flexibility in thought:

1. Notice thoughts, feelings, reactions. The key to a flexible mind is being open to change, new perspectives and ways of being beyond how things were that brought anger, frustration, and sadness.

2. Try something new. A new restaurant, way to work or home from school, exercise regime, book even, yoga class, to create neural pathways which enhance the brain’s flexibility, bringing more, good, happy, vibes into your life. 

3. Allow for spontaneity. Call an old friend or explore a new activity for some feel good expansive thoughts to be reciprocated.

4. Explore different modes of moving. Sometimes creativity thrives on focus, and inspiration may flourish during times of rest. Experiment with moving deliberately or with less intent to explore ways of being without judgement.

5.  Remember to Pause. We all get triggered. In traffic, at home with too much left to do, in regards to work or life. When things come up and cause a reaction, take a moment to pause, and bring. From there, act from a place of being present and doing what is loving and not what needs undoing.

In conclusion, a woman’s flexibility is in her mind as much or more than in the body. Share your experience of making changes in your routine or another area of life that is noticeable enough to be something that may help another mom have an aha! moment; such as a diet, fitness, self-care, or relationship awareness, in which you’ve grown into a mom or a woman who is more flexible and satisfied.

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